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It's as if we would get sucked into a different universe...interviewing Karasuba Rindo-san who makes beautiful mystical scenery!


Karasuba Rindo-san makes many bewitching Japanese fantasy illustrations! How the artist paints the shadows, places colors, and the composition is very unique, and we have no idea how they do it! So we are going to ask the artist all about it!

You cannot miss the last part…

- How many hours do you spend on one drawing?

Karasuba Rindo:Mostly 20 to 30 hours. If the composition is simple, 10 hours. I don't think I have ever spent more than 30 hours.

- What do you love about Japanese fantasy?

Karasuba Rindo:I want to say everything... It's fantasy, so you can see things you can't see in reality, like clothing and buildings. I think that is the best part.

Among all the fantasy genre, I think Japanese fantasy stands out.
If the theme is Japanese, kimono is important. Unlike a western dress, kimono is not flexible and has a certain shape. (So they try to stand out with patterns, and that's lovely)
I try not to move too far away from that shape, but at the same time make a design that you wouldn't see in reality.
I think it's a fantasy world, where we can really enjoy getting to know a new world (it's how I feel).

I wish I could explain this better lol.

- So because it's a crafted world, it makes the Japanese fantasy great!
When you draw, how do you create a difference between a "Japanese style illustration" and "Japanese fantasy"?

Karasuba Rindo:I wish I could explain the world of Japanese fantasy better, but it's difficult to describe. I am sorry.. lol.

When I am designing, the base is a clothing or an accessory that exists in reality, and then I add fantasy elements to that.

80% of the time, the base subject I choose is from the Japanese culture.

10% is from another east asia culture. The other 10% is western... or west asia. In that case, I add Japanese elements to it, and make it look more Japanese..

- Please tell us how you started posting on ART street.

Karasuba Rindo:I noticed the Android app had a "My page" and I got curious. That's how I saw the website.
Then I found out it is for posting artwork, and I thought "Maybe people will see my work more if I posted here!" and that's how I started posting. Until then I only posted on twitter and pixiv. I thought I could reach a different audience. Now many people see my illustrations and send me reactions, I am glad I started.

- Finally, please give a message to your fans!

Karasuba Rindo:Thank you for always checking out my artwork! I have survived because of you...
I am going to improve, and expand my views. Please stay with me.

Being able to keep doing what I love, and if that entertains another person.. it gives me happiness.
Thank you all!

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