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We interviewed artist logA, who switches between anime-like style, and a realism style.


The artist can create cute anime style art, and cool realism art! We interviewed logA who holds a platinum rank on ART street. Let's find out the secret to creating such beautiful art!

The many details that goes into the artwork





- You have drawn many lovely portraits. What do you focus on the most when you are drawing them?

logA:Thank you! If it is an anime-style girl, I would focus on the eyes, arm, shoulders, all the parts that I love.
For the more realistic art, I keep painting until I am happy with the artwork.

- You put in lots of details such as veins, eyes, nose. What is the part you focus on the most?

logA:For anime style art, I focus on the eyes!
I think eyes are one of the most important part of the artwork, so I experiment with the colors, positions, how I paint the highlights, etc.
For the realism style, I focus on the nose! They are usually simplified in anime-style, but for realism I would give it lots of details and depth.
Drawing the nose is one of the most exciting part for me.

- I feel lots of "lights" when I see your artwork. What do you think about when you are drawing light and shadows?

logA:I try to create a light source that has an angle, not up front.
I think with an angle, the shadows look more interesting, and the artwork looks like it has better quality.
I also try not to add too many blurry lights with the airbrush.

- Any tips on colors?

logA:I struggle with colors a lot.
I usually start out with a darker color, and then make it lighter by adding overlay layers.
These days I adjust the colors with the curve tool. It achieves colors I couldn't create, and I love that.

- How did you get into realism?

logA:When I was posting art on the internet with my old ID, my friends found out about it. It was one of the reasons why I had a period where I hated to draw in my own style. That phase lasted for more than a year.
I wanted to change my style during that time, so I forced myself to draw realism instead of anime-style.
Now I do it because I enjoy it!

- What do you focus on the most when drawing?

logA:The colors and composition. While I am drawing, I send it to my smartphone to see how the whole picture looks like.
When you see it in a smaller screen, you notice things you didn't notice on the computer that needs to change.
Then I improve those areas.

- What part of the drawing process do you enjoy the most?

logA:I think it is when I am painting the colors. I can see the drawing betting better, and it really feels like I am drawing!
In anime style painting, you can't really change the shape after you finish the lineart. But when I do a painting style, I can shift the shapes as I paint, so the start and finish might look completely different. That is a lot of fun.

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