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We interviewed artist logA, who switches between anime-like style, and a realism style.


The artist can create cute anime style art, and cool realism art! We interviewed logA who holds a platinum rank on ART street. Let's find out the secret to creating such beautiful art!

What are logA's tips on improving?

- How much time do you spend on one drawing?

logA:It depends on what I am drawing, but I think about 6 to 9 hours.

- Do you do anything to improve your drawing skills?

logA:I feel my skills have a lot of room for improvement. I feel I improve the most when I just draw a lot.
During those times, I finished a drawing at least once a day, many times with full colors.。
I improved a lot during those times.
Now I don't draw as much, and I feel I need to draw more to improve.
Something I try to avoid is getting lazy with the areas that I struggle with.
Hands are one of the things I struggle with, but instead of doing sloppy work, I take photos of my hand as a reference.





- What motivates you to draw?

logA:The reaction I get when I post. When I see comments, it makes me want to keep drawing.

- How did you start posting on ART street?

logA:There was a contest I wanted to enter at the time, so I signed up. I didn't even make the deadline for that contest!

- Please tell us what you like about ART street, or what you wish would improve.

logA:Compared to other websites, I get more views.
My artwork has a chance to be listed in many places, like related, ranking, level up, etc. I'm surprised how much views I get right after I post.
Usually it takes time until I start getting views, so this is definitely a plus!
Something I wish would improve... hmmm... I guess I wish there was a notice when I receive comments, because I keep missing them. That's all I can come up with!

- Lastly, is there something you would like to challenge yourself to do in the future?

logA:I want to create something that has the aspect of both anime-style and realism style!

- Thank you for answering our questions!

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