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We interviewed nora-san who creates artwork with refreshing colors and a Japanese atmosphere!


nora-san is a popular creator in ART street, who draws many beautiful facial profile of girls. We interviewed nora-san to figure out the secret to creating such artwork!

Even with speedpaint, the colors are a necessity!

- Which part of the drawing process do you enjoy the most, and why?

nora: The colors. I enjoy how the colors are gradually added to the artwork. Especially when I add highlights to the eyes. When I do that, it feels like the character is coming to life.

- I think the way you draw the eyes is one of the things that make your artwork so beautiful. You must put a lot of thoughts into the eyes. What do you think about when you paint them?

nora: I think the eyes really express the person's emotion and the characteristics, so I try to make them vivid.
I add colors that come to my mind without hesitation. Blue, yellow, purple, green...
It might turn into an eye color that doesn't exist in reality... but I think art has the freedom to do that LOL.

- Many of your artwork is a facial profile. What makes you focus on the side view?

nora:I remember when I was a kid, I wondered why I could see the side view of other people, but couldn't see mine. (Of course you can't see with a single mirror...)
I've always felt the side view was very special, because I could only see mine from a photo or a video that my friends or families took.
I also just enjoy drawing the line from the nose to the chin, and to the neck.

- Another thing that makes your artwork stand out is the transparency look of the colors. Do you have any tips on painting the colors?

nora:Thank you, I am happy to hear that!
I draw in a way that is fun for me, so I use many colors that I love.
Although if I add colors without planning, it would look messy.
When I start the drawing, I decide a theme color, like "This time I will draw something blue!".

- How often do you draw?

nora:I just draw when I am in the mood, but I do try to finish an artwork at least once a week.

- How long does it take for you to finish one artwork?

nora:About 1 to 2 hours. Coloring is my favorite part, so even if it's a speedpaint, I always paint the colors.
There is a 1 hour drawing challenge on twitter, and I sometimes participate in that.
For illustration contests, I spend more time.

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