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We interviewed nora-san who creates artwork with refreshing colors and a Japanese atmosphere!


nora-san is a popular creator in ART street, who draws many beautiful facial profile of girls. We interviewed nora-san to figure out the secret to creating such artwork!

How nora-san deals with artist block

- Do you know a good way to practice art? If so, please tell us!

nora:I don't know if I should call this a way to practice... but when I find something I like in someone else's artwork, I try to implement that to my own.
(Not copying it, but studying how they paint the eyes, for example)
I think the most important thing is to enjoy drawing.

- So it's important that you enjoy drawing!
Did you ever have periods of art block where you couldn't enjoy drawing?
If so, please tell us how you got out.

nora:When I first started posting on the internet, I saw many artwork from illustrators and hobbyists.
They were very inspirational, but at the same time I lost the idea of what I want to draw.

I have been drawing since a young age, so it never occured for me to quit. Even though I was lost, I kept drawing.

One day, someone who saw my artwork commented "It's very beautiful!" "Very gorgeous!" "That Japanese style is lovely!".
When I saw that, I thought "I see, my art is beautiful and gorgeous, not sweet and cute!".
I realized that was my art style.
The comments have been important to me since then, and my goal is to make artwork that is true to myself.

Of course even today, there are times when I want to draw something, but struggle to make it look good.
I am not going to suddenly gain skills that I don't have, so I try to do the best with the skills I currently have.

- What made you start posting on ART street?

nora:I found out about an illustration contest.
Before that, I just posted my artwork. I thought that if I entered the contest, I would put more thoughts into my drawings, and take more time.

- Is there something in ART street that you like, or wish would improve?

nora:I receive a lot of comments from people outside of Japan. Thanks to the translation system, I can understand them. That gives me more motivation to draw.

- Thank you very much. It was very helpful.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

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