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We interviewed nora-san who creates artwork with refreshing colors and a Japanese atmosphere!


nora-san is a popular creator in ART street, who draws many beautiful facial profile of girls. We interviewed nora-san to figure out the secret to creating such artwork!

What does nora-san use to create art...?

- When did you start drawing?

nora: I think it's when I was 4 years old...
My brother liked drawing, and I joined him. When I was in school, I was always drawing on my notebooks.
With digital art, I started 7 years ago (in 2013). That's also when I started posting on pixiv and Twitter.

- Have you ever taken art classes?

nora: I never took art lessons.
I remember in 2nd grade, we had to use paint for art class, and my teacher was very passionate about it.

- Do you have hobbies besides drawing?

nora:Exercising and games. I started volleyball as a kid, and have been playing until few months ago when I left my hometown.
Now I play Ring Fit Adventure LOL.

- Tell us about your work environment

nora:I use a pen tablet on my computer. (Intuos Pro S size)

- Are there artists that inspire you? Who?

nora:・Masashi Kishimoto (I loved NARUTO when I was a teenager, and used to draw them)
・Tetsuya Nomura (I used to draw a copy of the main character Sora's side view)
・Hiroshi Konishi (He was the character designer of a game called Radiata Stories. I also used to copy all the time)
・Alphonse Mucha (This might be a bit off the topic, but when I posted my artwork on the internet, I was told it was similar to Mucha, so I started studying his work)
Something like that... but I get inspiration from many artwork, so it's difficult to choose.

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