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orange lore creates very sweet artwork that looks as if it came out of a children's book. Here we interview the artist.


Cute and sweet like a children's book. The mystical atmosphere of the silhouettes grabbed our attention! We interviewed the artist to see the secrets behind the monochrome world!

An accident lead orange lore to draw in a silhouette style!

ーYou always draw cute chibi characters. How did you get into that?

orange lore:I always liked small and cute characters, so I always had that in mind when I was drawing.

ーYour artwork looks like a silhouette. Why do you draw like that?

orange lore:With paper, I always drew with a pen. When I moved to digital, I also drew with a pen, but one day I accidentally filled it in with the bucket tool.
Then I thought, this is a nice design... and I started drawing like that, eventually ending up with my current style.

ーThe fact that you had an accident and thought it would work as a style tells me you have a good eye.
You say you eventually ended up with this style. What kind of struggles did you have while figuring out the style?

orange lore:First I drew almost the same thing for a while, to get used to the style.
After I got used to it, I started thinking about how to make the lines smoother, put more thoughts to the composition, and tried adding colors.

ーWhat do you think about when drawing in that style? Do you have tips on how to make it look nice?

orange lore:I try not to make the lineart too awkward.
I also try not to add unnecessary details and make it look cluttered, but I also try not to make it look too simple.

ーYour artwork has many objects, but you place them very nicely on one artwork!
How do you keep the balanced and not make it look cluttered?

orange lore:I draw stars around the character, and when I do, I think about the distance.

ーPlease tell us the good thing about the silhouette style, and the things you struggle with.

orange lore:The good thing is, it doesn't take much time.
The struggle is when a line is a bit off, everything starts to look bad.
It happens especially when I start to loose focus.

ーSo the line is especially important.
What do you do when you struggle?

orange lore:I do something else to take my mind off and refresh.
I always have a book close to me, and when I get stuck I read a bit.
If that doesn't work either, I go to sleep and let me in the future take care of it.

ーYour colored artwork has the softness of a children's book. Is there something you focus on when it comes to choosing colors?

orange lore:I try not to make the colors too vivid and keep it soft.
Also I try to keep the colors fun.

ーSince you started drawing in a silhouette style, did it affect the way you draw other types of illustrations?

orange lore:I think my lineart got better.
I also learned how to use things like overlay, so that helps with other styles as well.

ーWhat part of the drawing process do you enjoy the most?

orange lore:When I am sketching the rough draft.
It's fun imagining different things and drawing those.

ーI see, you enjoy sketching out your ideas!
Is there something you struggle with?

orange lore:I love drawing, so nothing feels overwhelming.
It's not that I struggle, but I use my head the most when I add colors.

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