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orange lore creates very sweet artwork that looks as if it came out of a children's book. Here we interview the artist.


Cute and sweet like a children's book. The mystical atmosphere of the silhouettes grabbed our attention! We interviewed the artist to see the secrets behind the monochrome world!

The characters live in a lovely world

ーYou often seem to draw wizard, moon, stars, etc. How do you come up with the composition and character designs?

orange lore:I combine the things I like.
Then I start thinking where would this character play, or what type of clothes would look good.

ーSo you build it around your character.
Does each of your wizards have their own background?
If so, please tell us an example.

orange lore:The one with the pointy hat is a princess, the other one is a servant boy.
They escaped from the castle, and walk around, and enjoy the night.
I try to express a soft night scene.

ーHow long do you take to finish one artwork?

orange lore:For the monochrome, 1 - 3 hours. The ones with colors, 3 - 7 days.

ーLike you said before, the monochrome can be done very quickly!
Is there different struggles with the monochrome and colored illustrations?

orange lore:Either way, I adding colors is the most difficult.
I often don't like the colors, and start over.

ーHow much do you draw in a month?

orange lore:I finish about 3 to 5 artwork.

ーWhat's your motivation to keep drawing?

orange lore:I think drawing something you enjoy is very important.

ーHow did you start posting on ART street?

orange lore:I made a book for my self with MediBang factory, and I noticed ART street.
I got curious and signed up.

ーIs there something you like about ART street, or something you wish would improve?

orange lore:it's easy to use and I don't hesitate to post.
What can improve... you guys are adding many new functions, and I'm really satisfied.

ーPlease tell us your goals for your future artwork.

orange lore:I want to go back to my beginning and draw with paper and pen again.
Ever since I moved to digital, I haven't done much traditional drawing.
I also want to paint with watercolors.

ーPlease say something for your fans!

orange lore:Thank you very much for your support, it really motivates me.
I want to keep drawing artwork that you guys enjoy.

ー- Thank you orange lore for answering our questions!

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