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orange lore creates very sweet artwork that looks as if it came out of a children's book. Here we interview the artist.


Cute and sweet like a children's book. The mystical atmosphere of the silhouettes grabbed our attention! We interviewed the artist to see the secrets behind the monochrome world!

Let's find out the history of orange lore's art!

ーWhen did you start drawing?

orange lore: Since I was a child.
My friend loved drawing so I drew with them.

ーDid you ever take art classes?

orange lore:I learned art through art classes and art clubs during school.

ーDo you have hobbies besides art?

orange lore:I like to read, watch movies, and travel.
I also play games.

ーWhat is your work environment for drawing?

orange lore:I draw with a pen tablet on the PC.
The program I use for the lineart is ComicStudio, and for the colors Photoshop CS6.

ーDo you have something to keep you company while drawing?

orange lore:I usually listen to music or listen to gameplay videos.

ーAre there artists that you are influenced by?

orange lore:Tove Jansson and Shigeru Mizuki.
I loved them since I was a little, and always drawn their characters.

ーWhat do you like about their artwork, and how did it affect you?

orange lore:I love how they draw the lines, the atmosphere, and how you can feel the story with just one artwork. I really admire and respect them.

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