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This artist makes many breathtaking landscape art!! We are interviewing Tsuchiya-san!!


Starry skies, water that tells a story... Tsuchiya-san has posted many breathtaking landscape artwork, and even achieved LEVEL7 on the ART street Ranking! We wondered how Tsuchiya-san does this magic, and we asked many questions to get some clues!

We asked about Tsuchiya-san's work environment, and some drawing tips!

—What is your work environment?

Tsuchiya-san:I use a pen tablet with a display that I connect to my desktop computer.
I use 2 screens along with that.
One of the screen is used for the references.
The colors on the pen tablet display and the screen is different, so I use the second screen to keep an eye on that.

—That is a very professional setup! I think for hobbyist, it is quite rare to get an extra screen to check the colors.

Tsuchiya-san: I believe colors are extremely important!

I don't like it when I post my illustration only to find out the colors are different from what I thought it was when I was drawing. That's why I need the second screen.

—What program do you use?

Tsuchiya-san:I use CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

—Is that what you have been using all along?

Tsuchiya-san:Back when I used to do Touhou fanart I was using Paint Tool SAI, but I started to need more tools..
I downloaded CLIP STUDIO PAINT just to try it out, but I ended up loving how the program works with the pen.

—What do you use as references?

Tsuchiya-san:I usually look around the internet, or look at books that I remember had something I wanted to draw.
I always use some type of reference.

—Which part of the drawing process do you enjoy the most?

Tsuchiya-san:I especially like adding the highlights.
I wait until the end to add lights, and it changes the illustration dramatically, which makes it really fun.
It also sets the mood of the artwork, so I put in the most effort there.

—If you have any tips on making a good composition, please tell us.

Tsuchiya-san:I think about where I want people to be looking at while doing the rough sketches.

For example, if the brightest thing in the drawing is the sun, it would be boring to place it in the center...
Some people enjoy that, but I prefer to not center it, and add a tilt.
I tilt the things I want people to look at, and that adds a dynamic to the drawing.
Also, I personally like to do a sort of fisheye effect with the ground instead of making it flat... like a footage taken with GoPro.
Those are fun to do.

—Do you use references that have that effect, or you just do that in your head?

Tsuchiya-san:I decide how to tilt things while doing the rough sketches, and adjust the colors to fit into that.
It's not that difficult, it's just twisting the ground a little.

— I think you have a really good eye for that! Tilting and distorting can easily make the image seem a bit off, and it's difficult to make it look convincing.
You seem to be able to do that without overthinking it, and I think that is a special thing you have.

Tsuchiya-san:I am not sure if I am doing it well lol.

I think you are! This is really cool!

—Where do you put in the most effort when you draw?

Tsuchiya-san: I make sure the whole picture is not just one color.
For example, if I see a drawing that only uses blue, the only thing I can think is "Hmm, it's blue".
I like to make a gradation with a closer color, like green or yellow.
When you do that, I think people will look at the image and think "Oh, this is nice!".
When I draw night skies, I use blue, but also yellow, red, and I'll add more if I could.

An illustration with a beautiful gradation from navy to orange.

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