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This artist makes many breathtaking landscape art!! We are interviewing Tsuchiya-san!!


Starry skies, water that tells a story... Tsuchiya-san has posted many breathtaking landscape artwork, and even achieved LEVEL7 on the ART street Ranking! We wondered how Tsuchiya-san does this magic, and we asked many questions to get some clues!

What does Tsuchiya-san do for practice?

—Tell us how you practice drawing.

Tsuchiya-san:I don't.


Tsuchiya-san:I prefer to just draw with a purpose to finish and post. I think if you keep drawing what you want to draw, you will improve.

—What gives you motivation to draw?

Tsuchiya-san:I post on twitter and pixiv too. When I get a lot of likes, or people tell me my artwork is great, that puts a fire in my motivation.

—How did you end up on ART street?

Tsuchiya-san:I don't remember the exact details, but I found it when I was just wondering if there are other places to post artwork. I thought it might be fun so I started posting.

—What would you like to try in the future?

Tsuchiya-san:Right now I mainly do landscape, but I hope I can do a good combination of both people and landscapes.
For me, it is difficult to add people to my landscape and make it look smooth and natural.
So my current goal is to be able to add people to my landscape art and make it look good!

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