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This artist makes many breathtaking landscape art!! We are interviewing Tsuchiya-san!!


Starry skies, water that tells a story... Tsuchiya-san has posted many breathtaking landscape artwork, and even achieved LEVEL7 on the ART street Ranking! We wondered how Tsuchiya-san does this magic, and we asked many questions to get some clues!

How did Tsuchiya-san get into drawing?

- How long have you been drawing?

Tsuchiya-san: Actually, I started at an older age, I think I was 19 years old.
I just wanted a new hobby to kill time...
When I was going to vocational school, I was also drawing occasionaly.
I wasn't thinking much when I started but it was so fun I got hooked.

- So you never went to lessons or schools for drawing?

Tsuchiya-san: Nope.
I did learn interior design at the vocational school, but I didn't particularly learn about drawing.

—By interior design, do you mean things like designing furniture?

Tsuchiya-san:Yes, furniture and housing environment.
Oh, we did learn about perspective in class, but we didn't learn much details about drawing.

—The knowledge you have about perspective must be helpful when drawing

Tsuchiya-san:Hmm.. maybe lol.
I guess I could say it helps me a little, but hmm... I'm not sure..

—You used to draw characters as well, but it seems you mostly do landscapes now. Is there a reason for that?

Tsuchiya-san:That.. was a long time ago lol.
I think I started drawing landscapes because of my favorite artist.

—May I ask who that artist is?

Tsuchiya-san:It's @KUMEKI_3 who is quite famous on twitter.
When I saw Kumeki-san's art, I instantly wished I could draw like that.
That's when I started to do the scenery artworks.

—I was wondering what happened because you suddenly went a different direction with your artwork. So that's what happened.

Tsuchiya-san:Really? LOL. I haven't been drawing that long, so I didn't consider it as a change of direction.

—Maybe because you haven't been drawing for that long yet, you didn't have a habit of leaning to a certain style at that time.
I think once you develop that habit, it becomes difficult to change directions even if you wanted to.

Tsuchiya-san:That might be true.

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