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Ugnis - Chapter 32

Hi hi everyone!
How are you? In Spain is very colddd and I can barely hold the pen, aaarg!! ;;;;

Good luck to everyone who participates in the contests of the Shonen Jump and Shonen Magazine!!

Chapter 32 of Ugnis in english is now available and totally free in this link:
I like this chapter, I hope you too!

You can read chapter 32 and 33 in spanish too!
Capítulo 32: https://medibang.com/book/ho1708160537124860000232318
Capítulo 33: https://medibang.com/book/1q1711221346518040000232318

I'm working in the chapter 34, this chapter will be full of emotions!! I hope not to disappoint anyone with it!

Thank you for your support, I hope you like it!

See ya!
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