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I'm back w/ a new post yey

Hiyaaa guys it's been some time alright x)
I was in New York for a week to visit my grandma for this New Year. I love this city so I really enjoyed myself back there ^o^
During my round trip flight, my bro and I watched and finished the whole Voltron series. When it came to an end, we were both so happy and sad because we're like "what am I gonna do with my life now that this has ended??". Honestly it was one of the best show I've ever seen, almost all the characters were so likeable that we got attached to them pretty quickly.
Now I really wanna draw them all, Shiro, Keith, Allura, and so on. But especially Shiro and Keith since I love their deep relationship (I'm a Sheith shipper alright, Klance is cute imo but I prefer to pair Lance with Allura 💕). Even more so because 2 of my oc in my story share a similar bond. Kuro idolized Tence (another oc) and opened to him a lot even though he was a shy person several years ago, when Tence took a liking towards his personality and wounded up considering him like the little brother he never thought he needed while being apart from his family.
Back to Voltron, what I loved the most was the "I love you" scene in season 6. I dunno if you watched the French version out of curiosity, but it sounded so dramatic that I was caught up in the moment and shed tears :') Of course this also strongly reminded me of my two OCs I mentioned before, but I'll stop because I could talk about Voltron all day tbh

Anyway another thing I wanted to say was THANK YOU FOR 2K FOLLOWERS !! I was so happy to see that when I got back, and I can't thank you enough for this ;U;
So for the occasion I did a lil drawing! You can go check it out, I hope you'll like it !

Okay I'm stopping here rn xD
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