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i posted gawd never been so proactive

Well I posted that finished drawing of my boi Kuro, hope you'll like it :3
I'm currently drawing 4 pieces at the same time I dunno what got into me
I'm also continuing my story so I'm pretty happy about that, it's been awhile x)
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  • リリア

  • Jeff2kgamer ^_^

  • RightsNighty
    > Sorasama
    Oh I see that makes sense! Actually though when you have it finished I might be able to understand most of it (I’m not quite fluent but I’ve been working hard on getting there) So perhaps if you need a translator I might be able to help if you want.
    What kind of book is it if I may ask? I support it already lol
    How often do you write to if I may ask that as well?
  • Sorasama
    > RightsNighty
    Thank you very much! :D
    Oh and yes I do write a novel, I just don't share it here because it's writen in french, that would be kinda useless since I wouldn't be able to get any feedbacks x')
    I plan to post it on Wattpad once i'm done with the first volume tho!
    Hopefully I'll get to translate it into english in the future since I want to share it with you guys, I could do it by myself but that'd be kinda tedious, so I'll think about asking for beta readers later ;;;
    And thanks for saying that, I hope you're right, I'd love for a large audience to like my writing ^o^