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Shut Up and Start Talking

  • > 𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞𝕪𝕂𝕦𝕣𝕚 Dream mode No, you're exactly correct haha

  • Amazing :0 Also I noticed in their eyes that one of them had the British flag and the other having a few stars, is this like human version of America and Britain? Or am I just overthinking it?


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Japan's House [Trace&Draw]

  • > chlOwOthecat that would be nice thank you :) take my nonexistent money qwq

  • > ĸurımзımaпga sure, would you like me to draw them for you?

  • So very nice ! Eee the pillow designs are nice, could I have Germany’s design and Russia’s?

  • This is great! Very epic


Illustrations has been published.

just a new profile pic nothing special

  • > chlOwOthecat Oh okay- I relate though, sketching in paper is faster than digital

  • > ĸurımзımaпga thanks, i've actually been drawing a lot more in my sketchbook since i don't have the time to complete full colored digital art and i would like to post some of it, but my scanner broke so rip my art style also varies a lot depending on the character, fandom, etc. so expect that

  • You have improved a lot over the month lol The last drawing was literally Third Reich so idk how to compare it or something


Illustrations has been published.

The Third Reich as a Human

  • > ĸurımзımaпga Wow thank you! I actually felt the opposite- I just wanted to post something since I hadn't in a while, not expecting this to actually get much, if any attention lol. You have a nice day too!

  • I’m surprised there’re only a few comments here, cause this looks like something that will blow up for some reason :/ oop have a nice day :)

  • i read the comments! :D ALSO THE 3rd REICH IS THE WORST xD (other then the ussr :/ ) but good drawing :3


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Mumbo the Dictator [Hermitcraft Season 7]

  • > chlOwOthecat Oh sweet relief xD

  • > KurimeiManga You're not the only one don't worry about it xD One of my friends did too-

  • Why did I think this is Hitler? No offense tho

  • Heh everyone does-


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The Soviet Union

  • > theundertalefan1019 Yes

  • Is that a uno reverse

  • indeed

  • I challenge him to a uno challenge.


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chlOwOthecat Q&A

  • > chlOwOthecat thank you for answering

  • > サフィーナ (Safina) Well, my favorite out of my art is always changing, but right now, I'd probably have to say either Your Best Friend, Umbrella, or maybe the Normandy Beach one? I'm not too sure about it. And for the second question, yes. I do like anime, and my favorites right now are (This is gonna be a lot, sorry) Hetalia, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Your Lie in April, Danganronpa, Girl's Last Tour, and Cells at Work. Some of them though, I read the manga and not watch the anime.

  • Which one do you like the most (your artwork)? if you like answer if not don't do you like anime? if yes which one?

  • Holy mother of- That's alot You beat me, congrats-


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D-Day (Omaha)

  • > chlOwOthecat No problem :3. Although I feel like we should end this because it just adds to the comments (I’m sorry if I was a little rude to end it, but it felt like it would never end, so don’t reply to this :D)

  • > KurimeiManga Oh thank you-

  • > chlOwOthecat Oh, nice unique picks btw :D

  • > KurimeiManga xD Oh, I also like Liechtenstein and Switzerland, I forgot to mention them ;-;


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Get Reich't [Ft. Third Reich]

  • > chlOwOthecat i know but it's beautiful~

  • > chuwubs man this drawing is so old though lol I actually might wanna remake it sometime but eh we'll see

  • wowie germany is hot ty for making him exist chloe <3

  • > chlOwOthecat It’s fine really! But thank you anyway, :3


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Cowboy 'Murica

  • nP

  • > •.¸¸.•`【Paris】`•.¸¸.• aww thank you owo

  • Like-- This is good art and you only have 43 followers--You deserve more credit-

  • wot do you mean?


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Your Best Friend [Trace&Draw2]

  • > Ruby That's fine, as long as you give me credit.

  • Is it ok if I send this to my friend?

  • > 잉크INK 여기서 살아남은 한국인 생존자가 보인다!

  • 와 샌즈 아시는구나 참고로 겁.나.어.렵.습.니.다


Illustrations has been published.

AE3803 and U-1146 [Cells at Work]

  • > °Red Und White° Aw thank you! It does take me a while though.. haha


  • I love how much detail you put into your work!! :0

  • i miss these two