I like making characters =v= Requests are always open! OwO

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Apologies I haven't been answering comments for a while T_T I'm usually too scared to check them lol X'D I do take a glance at them, but I promise ill answer them all today QwQ)b

I also stream all my drawings live everyday!! This is roughly my schedule I try to aim for, sometimes i'm late(like now lmao) or early, feel free to join my discord, or follow my Instagram to get the fastest updates for when I'm live!! Or even follow me on my Twitch itself lol, but Discord and Twitch are the fastest ways know when I'm live, I usually delay Instragram a bit =v=)b
Our Discord also has alot of people here from Medibang you probably know alot of them already like Tiny, Ditto and CosmicBlue \(=v=)/


Now I'm live ^^ LOL feel free to pop in!! Question though, would you like me to update my space everytime I go live or just this once? I don't really like spamming here lol but if you follow me on Instagram or in my Discord its easier X'D

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