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DTIYS+ emoji adopt

  • > twisted | clouds Ok

  • > ❄Ash❄ Ok

  • may I join uwu uwu? emoji adopt pwease 🕸💮🍥

  • This is so cute :0 Idk if I'll join but I might because it's more human practice for me


Illustrations has been published.

Request from pErSon

  • > Eminoa Thanks

  • > pErSon I'm happy that you like it

  • auwww the colors are beautiful, it looks really cool ❤❤😍 !!!

  • aaa this is so cute tysm 😫


Illustrations has been published.


  • > ·Autumn· Hehe

  • Congrats to everyone!!!!! Also thank you for the dog with my name on it!!!!(it looks alot like my doggo)

  • Congratulations to all the participants!

  • Aww I really loved my chibi head sticker *Ahhh I am late so I am sorry ;-;*


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Doodles stuff

  • > ?I'm a GHOST¿ Yeah

  • > Ra-chan I don't know I think it same

  • > Ra-chan Nah, that's fine And they're cute right?

  • Why are everybody good at history and bad in math?! >:) Is the finnish course study of history harder than yours??!☹


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Demon guy

  • > Hryhør1y Thank youuuu

  • Oml amazing!

  • > ❤Strawy_cat💙 Thanks 😄😁

  • > -ˏˋ Sai ♡ ˊˎ- Thank you so much


Illustrations has been published.

Love you to the moon and back :)

  • > Blackkitty Aw thanks

  • > -lulu- {chế độ jazzghost} Thank you It's ok

  • Wep, hope she got better soon. You're pretty awesome.

  • I hope your grandmother is well... btw, your drawing is amazing, i love it, the scenery is well detailed and with a good color palette, your character is in a good frame ^^ (And one more thing: I've been drawing your request for a while and I'm sorry it took like 2 months to start doing this, really, sorry . _.);


Illustrations has been published.


  • Here! I hope you like it! :3

  • I'm joining! here's the drawing-

  • done!

  • i will totally join :D


Illustrations has been published.

For the pokemon collab

  • Pretty •-• :D

  • > Dragonfruit the icewing/rainwing Thanks

  • Ooo it looks cool

  • > Squidkid64 Yeah


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Answer #4

  • > ali-chi | Alus uwu (Chế độ Fundy) Yeah

  • haha that is good advice. i just really like the brushes u use and was wondering if it worked on my own art program lmao


Illustrations has been published.

Wanna a Q&A?(CLOSED)

  • How pretty :D

  • How long have you been on art street ?

  • what brushes do you use?

  • 1: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? 2: chocolate of vanilla ice cream? 3: dO yOu LiKe BuRriToS?


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Redraw. Read decs

  • I made you a gift:3

  • > creampaws 😊

  • > ?I'm a GHOST¿ ok... I miss you... but that's okay ill leave it behind

  • > creampaws I can't Because I changed My style now is better I don't draw furry regularly anymore I have new friends You want me to give up all those good things just to come back? Come on, don't hold on to the past, look to the future


Illustrations has been published.

Jup, new pfp🥺👉👈

  • AWWWW this is so cute!!!!!!

  • > Hryhør1y Yes, THANK YOU 🥰😻😽

  • > Marsy Sweet Thanks

  • Oml this is so cute and I love the shading woagsksbkdjs 👉👈


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Yes,collab( Friday Night Funkin)

  • Yup, Idid it ^ - ^. Hope you like it.😊

  • > ?I'm a GHOST¿ yaay! :)

  • > Ra-chan Sure!

  • can I join too 🙂


Illustrations has been published.


  • 정말 귀엽네요~!!

  • Here it is

  • Sorry for the late posting....

  • So I happen to finish I'm planning on re drawing this ((ik it's not good ;-; ) and I'll try to find some time to draw da cat :D


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Hedi from Lavander_kid

  • > ✧ Nửa đêm ✧ Ok

  • > I'm a GHOST Oh is true •w•

  • > Lavander_kid But you had one

  • AAAAW TYSMMMM 💙💙💙💙 I LOVE IT 💙💙💙☁️💙💙💙☁️☁️💙 Also can i have one? •w•


Illustrations has been published.

Request for Blackkitty

  • It's so cute! I love the pixel-ly background!

  • > HIBAT ALLAH Sarah (Tâm trạng Ramadan) Yeah, I think draw human is better

  • i wanna tell you something between your art style in your fist acc * lemon cat * and now there are a big improve

  • OOh it's sweeeet and cute come my sweet dear i'll take you back to the home, just described


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It's my older brother birthday

  • > I'm a GHOST Sorry if my comments confused you uwu

  • > I'm a GHOST ok

  • > Geek Gurl Anime You don't need to tell me

  • > Geek Gurl Anime I know it already


Illustrations has been published.

Emoji request for ???

  • > Blackkitty I'll my best so that you don't need to wait

  • > ??? THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • I will wait. :] Nice art.

  • I dont have anything to say ITS SOO COOOOOLLLLlllllllll!!!!!!


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Maybe It same...

  • Do you wanna collab together owo

  • > Ren (hay còn gọi là lexadoodles) Thanks😻😽😸


  • > 고양이~ Thanks


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  • > ??? I'm done

  • > × Hedi_red × Good! I want you to feel happy, not sad and depressed And I will be right here to help you when you're sad, baby!

  • > I'm a GHOST I am FireKatt but I changed my name and style. :3 (well, when I wrote the comment I was like depressed emo xc. but now I'm fine)

  • > × Hedi_red × Don't be sad unknow guy And who are you little sad friend?


Illustrations has been published.

Contest entry for Infinite stylez

  • > I'm a GHOST ;)

  • > Geek Gurl Anime Thanks!

  • Your style is super cute uwu x 1,000,000!

  • > Infinite stylez Awwwwwww thank you And I very love your style too!


Illustrations has been published.

I'm trying to draw her body!😖😣

  • I love it! Remind me what pen you used for the XD on her shirt?

  • > || ~ 🌸 | ~ Sakura ~ | 🌸 ~ || ~ Chế độ Teto ~ I know😑🥱😠

  • > I'm a GHOST Can you even read its not a collab or anything its just a poll tf😑

  • > || ~ 🌸 | ~ Sakura ~ | 🌸 ~ || ~ Chế độ Teto ~ So please.... don't even trying to say that again


Illustrations has been published.

Adopt from RiiRen

  • > RiiRen I changed her hair color And a bit in mask and clothes

  • > misty the kitty dog Thank you😸😸😸

  • glad you like her! and wow-

  • just work on school then everything and everyone on medibang will be cheering for you!