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  • Hey it's done :D

  • i shall join

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ I will draw her as a furry sorry it's taking so long ;/

  • > BlackkittyXian Yasssss why not:D


Illustrations has been published.

Ma persona:000

  • Cool

  • tras todo gran artista habra una gran admiración y tras todo gran dibujante habrá un gran orgullo y sobre todo una gran creatividad incontrolable

  • Ooooo cool :-D

  • really cool :D


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meet the artist (I'm ugly fujki)

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ yes :D

  • Nice! I love your style clothes!! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

  • > *✲*☆✿xie_lian✿★*✲* Because dis is just cartoon verson lol I'm look so ugly in real life

  • > HuaLian_flowerPrince Thank you🥰🥰🥰


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Happy Valentine Day!

  • > *✲*☆✿xie_lian✿★*✲* Valentines day is over

  • Is he ok???????

  • Lol, Happy Valentine!

  • Poor thingy happy Valentine's day btw


Illustrations has been published.

Meaning of the name (read decs)


  • That's Awesome!!! I really like ur artstyle!!!

  • Question what happened to my request if your still making it its ok

  • > BlackkittyXian Ya thank you^^!


Illustrations has been published.


  • gift :3

  • > BlackkittyXian Yas:000 The husband of my grandmother's sister and my uncle is Canadian sounds rather troublesome but I'm still happy that I have a family member who is a foreigner (they are living in canada. I only met them a few times, quite interesting :D)

  • > calico Thanks^^

  • Is the Canada part true? Cute tho.


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  • Oooh the turkish angora is very cute!! I also like munchkin cats 🐈

  • > Teil Thanks^^

  • > ~ 🍄 ~ Kinoko ~ 🍄 ~ Thank u^^, happy that u like it Yeah u should try it to get rid of artblock

  • un gran dibujo con una gran dibujante


Illustrations has been published.


  • What is your favorite breed of cat And do you have any pets?

  • you can also not draw my oc

  • Question:how did you get your art noticed. request:can you draw my oc:

  • (you don't have to tho) btw that looks really cute~!! And congrats~!! You deserve a lot more tho!! 💖💗💞✨✨

Multiple illustrations uploaded3


Illustrations has been published.

New Oc: Cinderu

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ That's good :-D

  • > ฿ ₳ ⱠĐł ฿ ₳ ⱠĐł ₥ ØⱤɆ Yass I'm good :000

  • > Xin chào, tôi là Teil (●•3•●)

  • > HuaLian_flowerPrince Me too :_)


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choose your favorite one

  • I am middle but i wish i was right ;^;

  • I love the cute one!!

  • > HuaLian_flowerPrince So I can't follow such a cool guy like u :0000?

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ hehe all good no worries


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weirdcore Oc (not mine)

  • Oooh I love it 🥺

  • un pequeño dibujo con un gran comienzo

  • > BlackkittyXian Her art is cool too :0

  • > Asher_Grimm Yeah me too


Illustrations has been published.

New Oc doodle

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ yep,

  • adorable!!!

  • > HuaLian_flowerPrince Thnks!

  • > 𝔸𝕠𝕚 ミ ☆ Thanks I'm a bit late sowwy;0


Illustrations has been published.

Nah I think I'll stay

  • sobresaliente

  • yay .,. we dont need one more person leaving

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ ó‿o

  • > Danizinha Undertale :)


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Request for ☆ HuntiFluf ☆(READ DECS!!!)

  • un gran dibujante con un gran objetivo un objetivo con un sueño y un sueño por ser cumplido

  • > ☆ HuntiFluf ☆ No don't say bye I just want to tell u guys that I'll less communicate in medi

  • > Numi Art I'm still here, I promise

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ Noice!


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Contest entry for YanDessuDraws (request open)

  • > Xin chào, tôi là Teil Thanks for the advice my friend ^^

  • algo de tarea si yo también tengo tarea y pensar que seria vacaciones oye amiga(o) hazme un favor pasa una buena fiesta con una buena navidad con un buen café o un buen te hey sigue haciendo lo que amas hacer

  • > 99 NyaNy 99 Oh If I have time I will But I really love ur Oc so Why not^^

  • I think I missed the requests but it would be cool if you drew one of my characters (you can pick) their reference sheets are on my alt account


Illustrations has been published.

Idk what have I done

  • I love it!!

  • > BlackkittyXian :] thanks

  • > 💌💫 𝙽𝚢𝚊𝚗𝚢 💫💌 Thank u

  • Um Watercolor, sumi I think so QwQ


Illustrations has been published.

Just a little Japan

  • It's so pretty

  • > blomyHomy Yass

  • Wow! That's so cute So U are Vietnamese?

  • > Ra-chan Thank u :^))


Illustrations has been published.


  • It's done 😁

  • Done :D

  • Me tocó recortar un poco la tuya perdón

  • Terminado


Illustrations has been published.

I'm finally back!

  • YAY !! WELCOME BAAACK !!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Hay, if you need a longer break, just remeber you don’t own anyone anything, also it’s not a good habit to burn yourself out- also i hope your exam went well, and that you succeed with your career! ♥️

  • Well, I’m glad that you’re back! I hope that your exams went well!

  • Nice, can't wait to see the collab. Welcome back. :]


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Gift for Blackkitty ( happy birthday)

  • Hayyy can I just… steal your art style Aaaa it’s so cute!

  • Hey I finished it! :D

  • > Spectres404 ooooh ty!!

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ ooooh tysm!!


Illustrations has been published.


  • felicidades por llegar esta acá/ congratulations on getting here

  • que es un camino quizas un rumbo que tomar veer una historias es una vela que tras el fuerte invierno su llama no se extingira sin importar las brasas del inmenso frio inspiracion llegar a encontrar lo que una vez una te enbarco en una aventura misteriosa. peligrosa. genial y fantastica tu podras enpezar a dar paso tras paso al ver el camino recorrido si pudiras dar un regalo. eso seria mi orgullo y mi admiracion

  • Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations !🎉👏


Illustrations has been published.

Cloud Shiba ( old Oc)

  • > DatinaWasHere Thanks

  • Cute!!!

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ Thanks!

  • > ಥ_ಥ >> Một Just use some mix brush is think '-'


Illustrations has been published.


  • :D

  • I've finished mine!

  • Done !

  • > 🎃𝑎𝑠𝘩🎃 Sure u can ^^


Illustrations has been published.

Gift for Numi art

  • > Numi Art Thank u 😁😁 And yes you can use it

  • I'm also happy to see the description~ (✿◕‿◕✿)

  • OMG.... Its so cute!! Thank you MilkyWayCorn... I Love it!!! Can I use it for my profile picture? Its so nice! Thank youuuuu (Big heart for you!)

  • > ▼MilkyWayCorn▼ Ah you really think so ? Thank you ! I'm happy to hear it haha ... Your Welcome ! 🌻🌻🌻