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i think i have to leave this site. i am beyond grateful for all of your support from the very start of this account and the support you all continue to give, but for my mental health, i need to leave. it is not because of any of you. i don't know if i'll ever return to this site, but if i do, it will be under a different account. i'm sorry, and i wish you all the best of luck ^-^

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  • I hope that your mental health improves soon, and I hope that you can return one day! We’ll all miss you so much, goodbye!

  • Well, your art is cool so don’t give up drawing, 😁 even if you have to leave this particular site. 🥰 God bless you!

  • I hope you feel healthy better, we goona miss you 💛💙

  • i hope your mental health gets better farewell friend