I'm a self-taught hobbyist from Viet Nam and want to be a true artist. Hope to get your feebacks. Thank you. ^_^

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[Up-coming][Oneshot] Lost

Soft breezes and light rains, this possibly is one of common ways to depict spring weather (though it's not even a bit like what I'm experiencing right now). Rain is one of my inspiration for my next oneshot.
So I created a new illustration named Spring Rain with a character of the new story - Mari.

When I painted this picture, I imagined that Mari would be asking BB, QQ and Alicia if they liked rain.
Atto probably would be sitting (the painting was created from his point of view after all) and wondering what these animals were doing in his room.
It's unfortunate that Mari and Atto could only meet BB, QQ and Alicia in this (virtual) illustration (well Atto may not think this unfortunate though *laugh*).

>>You can view the full-sized picture here:

Hope you'd enjoy it as well as my up-coming oneshot: Lost. ^^

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