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We interviewed Liam Gray and Mangaka Ody. Their passion for manga is inspirational!


This team posted a manga on ART street that is full of potential, and definitely worth checking. Liam Gray, a MediBang ambassador, is the writer/editor. Mangaka Ody is the artist. Let's find out how they create such amazing content!

The two share thoughts about the difference between a western comic and a Japanese manga.

- Your manga seems to be inspired by both western comics and Japanese shonen manga, combining the best of both worlds. Please tell us what you think is the best of each genre.

Liam: Western Comics are a very different animal to Manga. When developing Xenotype, I wanted the tactical shogi-style battles common in Shonen series with the high-stakes heroic storytelling of superhero comics.

Mangaka Ody: That is quite easy to answer. Western Comics have really good compositions. Each page feels like a painting, especially the splash pages. Shonen and Manga have really good action and dynamic movement.
So, if you combine the painting-like compositions, and add in some dynamic action, you get a very nice combination that you can use to create a comic or a manga in our case.

- How is your experience with ART street? Can you tell us why you think people should join ART street, or things you wish would change or improve?

Liam: Our experience thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. As mentioned above, Ody and I initially connected through ART street and I've found it an invaluable tool in weeding through the amateurs and finding talented career-driven mangaka.

Liam: ART street is an amazing platform, and we owe you a big thank you for all the opportunities!

If you want to know more - and you haven't already - check out X-ROADS: STRIVE and keep an eye out for us in the pages of SHONEN JUMP! We're going to be the best manga team in the world!

Thank you Liam Gray and >Mangaka Ody for answering our questions!

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