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Look at the combination of kawaii characters and anime style! We interviewed artist Yoshiki.


Yoshiki draws kawaii characters with a simplistic style that is seen in anime. We interviewed the artist and asked about tips on drawing in anime style, or where to get inspiration for the outfits!

How did Yoshiki get into digital art?

- When did you start drawing?

Yoshiki: I have been drawing since I can remember. I started creating completed drawings with colors since I started using a PC.

- What made you want to draw on your PC?

Yoshiki:My parents got me a laptop and a pen tablet. So I started to draw on the computer.
Back then, I used programs that came with the tablet, like Photoshop Elements. I also posted on Oekaki BBS.

- Did you take any art classes?

Yoshiki:Just the art classes in school.

"- You draw a lot of VOCALOID. You must be a fan! How did you get into it, and what do you like about them?"

Yoshiki:I was first introduced to them from someone in school that used to draw them. First I just liked the character, but then the music got me hooked as well. VOCALOID opened me up to different genre of music.
The solid traits of the character is just the voice and visuals, so it has room for interpretation.

- I agree it's fun that they change depending on the song or the artist! What is your favorite VOCALOID character?

Yoshiki:KAITO san!





- Do you have hobbies besides drawing?

Yoshiki:Reading and playing games. I like mystery books and RPG game. I also like Yokai.

- Please tell us your work environment

Yoshiki:I use a Windows PC and a pen tablet. Currently I use Clip Studio Paint, but before I used MediBang Paint. I love the watercolor edge setting on MediBang Paint.

- Is there music or drinks you consume while drawing?

Yoshiki:I usually drink coffee, tea, or green tea, and watch anime or gameplay videos.

- Is there an artist that inspires you?

Yoshiki:Tooko Miyagi and Toshiki Kusanagi is a big influence. These days I often get inspired by my friends, who are also artists.

ー- I see, those 2 artists use colors in a really unique way! What part of their artwork did you get inspired?

Yoshiki:I like artwork with soft colors, thin black and white lineart, and minimal screentones.
I was amazed that their eyes are simplistic, but draws the attention. It was mind blowing that they don't add a lot of details to the eyes.
I also think the way I draw the head is influenced by Toshiki Kusanagi.

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