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Look at the combination of kawaii characters and anime style! We interviewed artist Yoshiki.


Yoshiki draws kawaii characters with a simplistic style that is seen in anime. We interviewed the artist and asked about tips on drawing in anime style, or where to get inspiration for the outfits!

So many lovely cats!

- How much time do you spend on one artwork?

Yoshiki:Few days to 2 weeks, I think.

- What motivates you to draw?

Yoshiki:When I see things I created in the past, I think to myself "next time I will draw in a different way!" "I'll try something else next time".
Seeing artwork by other artists makes me want to implement some of their aspects.
Also receiving feedback makes me happy.

- Do you have any tips on improving?

Yoshiki:I think a good tip is to not just draw from your imagination, but use references. It's difficult when you use only your imagination...

- Please tell me about your cats that I saw on twitter!

Yoshiki:They are Ichigo (17 years old), Goma (16 years old), Kurosuke (15 years old), Mugi (2 years old), Kinako (under 1 years old)!
Kinako is the only male.

- Thank you for the photos! Wow, you have a lot... I am envious.
All your cats have food names, except Kurosuke.

Yoshiki:When Kurosuke first came to our home, she kept looking at us behind the furniture. A black furball peeking at us reminded me of kurosuke, the soot from "My Neighbor Totoro". That's how we got her name lol.

- What made you start posting on ART street?

Yoshiki:I found the platform while using MediBang Paint, and I thought it would be fun.

- Please tell us what you like about ART street, or things you wish would improve.

Yoshiki:Since I receive comments from overseas, I love that there is a translation function. It's really important to me.

- Is there a type of illustration you would like to experiment with in the future?

Yoshiki:I wish I could draw muscles better.

- Please say something to your fans!

Yoshiki:I plan to keep drawing so please keep viewing them!

Thank you Yoshiki for answering our questions!

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