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Look at the combination of kawaii characters and anime style! We interviewed artist Yoshiki.


Yoshiki draws kawaii characters with a simplistic style that is seen in anime. We interviewed the artist and asked about tips on drawing in anime style, or where to get inspiration for the outfits!

Yoshiki shares some tips on anime style art.

- Your characters are very cute! What do you focus on when drawing them?

Yoshiki:Thank you very much!
I think of myself as a photographer. I want my character to pose, and look cute and cool in their outfits.
I also try not to be sloppy with the hands, feet, and fingers.

- I am not good with drawing hands and feet... do you have any tips?

Yoshiki:There is an artist that I consider a mentor (in my mind...) and I think "How would that artist draw this?". It's another artist that inspires me greatly that I didn't mention before. I also look at my own hands.

- Your artwork uses many colors, but it looks balanced and the colors don't feel it's out of place. What do you focus on when choosing colors?

Yoshiki:I get inspiration from different color schemes, especially 70's fashion, but I mostly just place colors that feel good to me.
I also add extra accent colors.

- Most of your artwork seems to be colored in an anime style. How did you end up with that style?

Yoshiki:I'm just lazy and easily bored, so I went with a style that doesn't take too much

- I see lol. I actually think anime style is difficult, due to its simplicity. Do you have any tips?

Yoshiki:I think the lineart is very important to this style. I try to make the lineart very clean. If I can't come up with ways to add shadows, I just don't add them and create a simplistic look. LOL.
Also I try experimenting with different colors. The strength of this style is that it is easy to change the colors, so I do stuff like add a complete opposite type of color. Then I eventually come up with ways to make it look good.

- What do you like about anime style art?

Yoshiki:Using layers for each parts is very easy. You can try out different colors, because of how easy it is to adjust them.
After you add colors, it's easy to picture the completed image. It has a clean look even if you add lots of motif and props, as long as the lineart is clean. After the lineart, the process is very quick.





- The outfit design is also lovely. How do you come up with them?

Yoshiki:I get inspiration from outfits for children or dolls.

- I see. Why do you take inspiration from children's outfit more than normal outfits?

Yoshiki:I like the "young lady" kind of look, or the variety of motif, and the playful designs.

- I think it is difficult to balance out the composition when you have a lot of props. What do you do when you have lots of items to draw?

Yoshiki:I draw the big things first. I zoom out to check the composition to see if the props are not scattered.

- Which process of drawing do you enjoy the most?

Yoshiki:I like inking and adding colors to the eye. I love it when I see the eye with the highlights.

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