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(Slot one is already taken)

  • > Tired I've never seen fire force :') I have so many anime to catch up on

  • > Mikey-kun My favourite from Fire force is obviously Benimaru XD (my second is Hinawa, then Obi... I can't ever pick, they all have such good character development~)

  • > Mikey-kun YeSsS!!

  • > Tired Yesssss

Illustrations has been published.

Daichi and Snaps

  • > 🌸|~Sakura~|🌸 Most likely pffft

  • > SIMANNSTHETIC1(SNAPS) Jesus he would be dead if thats how big it was

  • > 🌸|~Sakura~|🌸 Pffffft

  • > SIMANNSTHETIC1(SNAPS) Omg i just relised what you meant 😳