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A facepalm-worthy moment

  • Thanks!

  • Cool drawing!!

  • I'm not fully used to bruh moments like these because they rarely happen.

  • I know. I just try to avoid situations like this as best as I can.


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"I wasn't expecting you to say that!"

  • I really wasn't expecting Red to say that. I mean, the whole point of the meetings is to GUESS who the Impostor is, not for the Impostor to blurt it out! 😂😂😂

  • Hahaha! That's so funny!

  • I was playing Among Us with a friend and mostly randoms and someone named Evil Angel (Red) and I (Black) were the Impostors for one round. When someone reported a dead body, the crew started accusing White of being the Impostor and Evil Angel said "Haha! You're going to Hell! Because it's me and Black!" I wasn't expecting Red to say that so I drew inspiration from that to draw this except with Ariel and Quorra.


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✨Fantasy doggos✨

  • LOL! Nice!

  • cute! Also, my friend was randomly scrolling on medibang and thought that I was you because you literally love everything that I love haha XD


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(Vent) 💧Birthday Blues💧

  • Actually, I've felt a lot better today than I did the rest of the week. The reason why I posted so much vent art is because I was feeling extremely down but I think I was just doing that to my self and was blaming someone/something else. I've been on this emotional roller coaster all week but today, the ride seemed to be a lot smoother. I hope this keeps up.

  • Thanks, guys. I feel better now. I was just stressed and sleep deprived when I posted this so my feelings about things like this were A M P L I F I E D by a lot.

  • > Cmagistrelli Watching cartoons or liking unicorns don’t make you immature or childish. Many adults out there would like those things too. Plus, video games aren’t childish either. My whole family are gamers, 14 probably being the least gamer-y. Anyway, my point is that even my parents love video games, and they are anything but immature. Also, there are many youtubers who live for video games, so you’re not alone if you like them. But anyway, being an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop liking those things, since there are many who still do.

  • > Cmagistrelli Im childish to im 16 i like stuffies and doing art playing games and trikortreating when i was a littel girl i was not even aloud to behave like my age so ... I get it i am hear if you want to talk about going and geting candy or anything


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(Vent) Feeling drained

  • That's great to hear. I'm sorry about what's been happening to you and your family. Reading it actually made me feel the pain you must have gone through. I truly am glad you're okay.

  • Thanks. <3 I got the idea from Max's one line in Brawl Stars. "Energy levels critical". That's how I was feeling at the time of posting this but I'm feeling better now.

  • I love the drawing!! It's cute!!

  • I'm just not mentally/emotionally strong enough to not let things like this hit me as hard as they do. Not yet, anyways. I've been trying to work on it but with everything going on, it's been really hard. I just wish I were strong enough to not worry what others think of me, to not let bad situations hit me as hard as they currently do and to just be happy with being myself again. I was for a while but now I'm back to where I was. Back to Level 1. This happens all the time and I just want to finally break the chain. End the cycle. Complete the level. Reach the clouds. I just want to succeed at what I've been wanting for myself for so long now and it just results in the same cycle over and over. I wish I could learn to love myself for more than just a few hours each day. I wish this could be permanent.


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A rude crewmate is the worst kind of crewmate

  • LOL!

  • I was just trolling a black crewmate after the last meeting cuz they thought I was an imps but I wasn’t so after the meeting I chased him and then they called another meeting got me voted out and I just laughed after I got voted out😂

  • And some people are just too paranoid

  • Wow


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(Vent) I miss my ohana...

  • I know 2021 will be here soon, but COVID is still going to be a problem for quite a while now so I kinda have a feeling that things probably won't change. But then again, nobody ever knows what the future holds so I shouldn't say anything like that when I don't know for certain.

  • I miss going to the library every month for the anime club, I miss playing board games with my church youth group, I miss dancing with my friends from Tribe Nuktia (That's our group name), I miss volunteering for summer camps like VBS and Summer Madness. I'm just so done with all of this virtual crap. I just want this stupid pandemic to end so I can see my friends, my family, my ohana, in person again.

  • For the past few months, I've been really missing my friends and I considered them to be my real family because my biological family doesn't really understand me as much as my mom does and they don't accept me as much as my mom does. Don't get me wrong, they're awesome, but we all have different problems, one of them probably being that I'm too different. Anyways, because of that, I consider my friends to be my real family, my ohana, and I miss meeting up with them in person. With a lot of them, we text pretty regularly but it's not the same. And I'm getting tired of only seeing them through Zoom. I'm so sick of COVID-19 ruining things for us. I just want all this to be over so I can see my friends again.


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❄Jolly Snowflake Day!❄

  • I, er, uh, did not know that. Thanks for, er, uh, telling me.

  •  🦎thats🦎cool🦎but🦎did🦎you🦎know🦎that🦎Fifteen🦎minutes🦎could🦎save🦎you🦎15%🦎or🦎more🦎on🦎car🦎insurance🦎

  • I Googled to see if it's on Netflix but it wasn't reallt much help.

  • I don't know. I was watching it on a YouTube channel called "Clone of Clone High". It's not an official CH channel, though.


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❄ Peppermint Tick ❄

  • Okay. Thanks for letting me know. 💖

  • Reminder: Last chance to request something for free today for the Christmas Special (followers only).


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Ocean Eyes (Stand O.C.)

  • Now I can't stop picturing Star Platinum and Heart Of Gold arguing and all you hear is "Ora" and "Oro" back and forth. 😂

  • LOL! And I just came up with a Stand Cry for Heart Of Gold. Her Stand Cry is "Oro", which is the Italian word for "Gold".


  • Yes, yes, yes, yes! Y E S ! (Sayu's my favorite NSR boss.)


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PFP for lunchboxfriends2

  • > lunchboxfriends2 ‘

  • Kelly

  • Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I had fun drawing it. 💖

  • aaa thank you so much! I’ll credit you in desc 😊😊


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(Semi-vent) Not again...

  • Why didn't I think of that earlier? I guess I was just so disappointed that it got rejected that I wasn't thinking about that.

  • if you want to submit it but you have to edit it, you can just delete one thing then replace it with the exact same thing so basically you have ‘edited’ it but you haven’t changed anything. I can approve your map for you if you would like :D

  • Great. Now my Brawl Stars map I named "Extra Life" just got rejected. I made that map specifically for all the Brawl Stars charity Livestreams I was going to do but because of that stupid DMCA s**t, that won't happen. The only way I can resubmit my map is to edit it but I like it as is. Like I said, maybe I'm just not meant to be a charity streamer. So, yeah, thanks, Supercell, for making me feel worse about this.

  • I know but at the same time, I feel like I should play it safe and just give up because I'm not going to risk going to jail just because I was playing a video game to raise money for charity. I'll just find another way to do things. Maybe I'm just not meant to be a charity streamer, who knows?


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❄Brawlidays skin ideas❄

  • I'm glad you're back. And happy Brawlidays. <3

  • these are so cute!! also this is no from brawl stars, I did change my medibang name because I decided to start drawing again happy brawlidays!!


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(Vent) I deserve all this pain

  • Update: Don't worry. I'm doing much better now. I watched Olaf's Frozen Adventure, Shrek The Halls and MLP: A Very Minty Christmas with Mom and Grandma it I think that helped quite a bit. 💖

  • I hope the therapy is helping. And I've been trying to practice self-love more often whenever I feel well enough to do so. I've been doing things involving rose quartz because it's considered the self-love stone and it seemed to help a bit. As well as other things. Plus, I rarely feel this bad about myself. I used to beat myself up daily and now I don't do it that often anymore. I'm still working on it.

  • i felt that way too, i hurt emotionally and physically when with my mom, we get in arguements and, i want to hurt others, so in turn i stop what i'm doing and reflect on how im acting, once i've calmed down i will cause as much pain to myself as i wished upon anyone, wheather it is emotionally or physically. im not saying this is a good tactic, its not, im in theripy, but thats just what i do.

  • Okay. Thanks. :) 💖


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Stitch was not the Impostor

  • Apparently, "Ohana means family" doesn't apply in Among Us. 😂

  • "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind" Proceeds to be left behind***

  • I changed my Among Us name to Stitch for the match I played not too long ago and when I reported a dead body I found in Admin, I got voted out and ejected. This is what I thought of when I got voted out. 😂


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Quorra was the Impostor

  • Let's just say that with my first game being the Impostor, I wasn't the best Impostor out there. 😂

  • I just started playing Among Us earlier today for something I was doing in a Zoom meeting with some friends and I changed my username to Quorra because she's one of my favorite costumes in Disney Universe. And because I thought it was cool. I ended up being the Impostor a few times and at first, it was a dead giveaway that I was the Impostor. I accidentally vented in front of someone and another crewmate reported a dead body and they soon figured out it was me that killed the crewmate. White asked me "Do you have a defense? Quorra?" All I replied with was "No, sorry. I'm a noob." I just got the idea to draw this from when I was the Impostor.


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HEX (Disney Universe)

  • I didn't use Sci-Fi. I used Pixel.

  • How did you get the sci fi pen to turn red mine is stuck on blue

  • LOL! I sent this to my friend, Sarah, last night and we started quoting all of HEX'S lines from the opening cutscene in Disney Universe and I was wheezing! 😂