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(Anger vent) 💢"You... WHAT?!!!"💢

  • It's just like with TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and pretty much every other major social media platform out there. They all need to get their act together, start running their sites better and do a better job of monitoring content that violates their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines instead of just issuing out random bans if a user didn't do anything wrong! It just pisses me off how all the hateful people are allowed on social media and all the people who aren't hate-mongers like them are being perma-banned for no reason! DID I REALLY SPEND 15 MINUTES FILLING OUT THAT REPORT FORM FOR NOTHING?!

  • I'm so fucking close to punching my phone's screen right now! Like, WHY are the people running that site okay with someone as toxic as that guy being on their site?! This is absolute bullshit! I spent, like, 15 minutes trying to fill out an online form to report that dumbass and they only perma-banned him for, like, two or three days before he somehow got unbanned! And with all the toxic posts he's made (that I reported as well), how are they acting like that's no big deal? They said that posting hateful content was against the Terms Of Service and yet they're letting THIS slide?! What a bunch of fucking hypocrites!

  • So, remember those assholes over on Omlet Arcade who bullied me in that K-Pop group chat? Well, I reported the two main bullies and a few days after I sent in the reports, they apparently perma-banned one of them but he ended up getting unbanned and I have no fucking idea how! How and why are they letting that racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, Nazi motherfucker still use that site after being so fucking toxic?! (He openly stated that he was all of those things in his bio, just for clarification.) I absolutely fucking hate how social media sites are being run nowadays! All the good people are getting banned for no reason while all the toxic assholes are allowed to spread their toxicity after being reported several fucking times!

  • I've noticed that you do alot of vents Are you ok? We can talk about this, I'm here for you


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(Vent) "It still hurts!"

  • I'm still torn on what/who to believe when it comes to whether my age regression was a healthy coping mechanism or not. I still want to go back to it but I just can't seem to get back into it and I still miss those days so much. I'm honestly so pissed with myself that I haven't healed from this at all yet. I just wish it were easier for me to move on... But I can't... Whenever I give up on something, be it a hobby, a fandom or in this case, a coping mechanism, it either takes me a while to get back into it or to move on from it and I wish it were easier.


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(Vent) Not feeling like myself anymore

  • > Cmagistrelli Ok, that does make more sense.

  • Here's an article I found going into detail about how age regression can be helpful to some people. I'm still not sure if I should go back to it or not because I'm not sure who to believe: The therapists/mental health experts who say it's okay or the haters on TikTok who say it isn't.

  • I was upset by a lot of the comments I saw on TikTok saying that it was bad that I started taking it personally and made me think I had to change how I looked at it.

  • > DrawingCat.🅱️ruh (got frozen) Okay. I'm going to be honest here. Age regression isn't as bad/unhealthy as people make it sound. A lot of therapists actually recommend it and approve of it for certain patients. It's just that some uneducated people make it sound bad. The problem is that a lot of people post regression videos online when therapists say it's supposed to be something practiced in privacy, which leads to people saying things like "Oh, it's borderline pedophilia" or "This isn't normal" or "This isn't healthy". What they don't know is that 1. There's nothing sexual involved in age regression. They're confusing it with ageplay and DDLG and its variants. 2. They're not professionally trained therapists so who are they to say which coping mechanisms are healthy or not? At least they're not doing illegal drugs or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.


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(Vent) Time to grow up...

  • Okay. I just calmed myself down after crying for about at least an hour or two at most. And I still kinda feel like crying. I don't know why I miss being an age regressor so much but I do. I wish I could just let it go and move on but I'm not the best at that. I'm not sure if giving up on my regression was a good idea or not. I just wish it were more socially acceptable to be an age regressor and I'd gladly go back to it if it were but since it isn't, I don't know if going back to it is a good idea or not.

  • If anyone has suggestions for other coping mechanisms I can use that are both genuinely healthy and socially acceptable, let me know. <3

  • I know. Thank you. But what I don't understand is why so many therapists approve of and recommend age regression for certain patients, which would most likely mean that it's okay, but all these random people keep saying that it isn't. I'm not sure who/what to believe anymore. That's why I'm done with age regression. I can't stand the hate, the false labels and the constant guilt and questioning of my sanity.

  • Idk how to reapong cuz im not good with this stuff but just keep in mind that Not all coping mechanisms are healthy.


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(Vent) "What did I do wrong?"

  • Nvm. I just talked to several of my friends and that made me feel better. And I blocked and reported the main bully involved for harassment and bullying so hopefully, they get what they deserve. Karma catches up with everyone eventually.

  • Also, I'm not going to leave the K-Pop fandom just yet. I'm just going to distance myself from it a bit and just take a little break. It has NOTHING to do with anyone here. You're all awesome! I just can't stop thinking about what happened. I feel like I might have lost interest in K-Pop but not totally. I don't know. All of this is still new and I'm still trying to process my thoughts and emotions.

  • No. It's on a site/app called Omlet Arcade. I use it to do livestreams, mainly Brawl Stars and Among Us. I'm in a community called "K-pop lovers" and that's where all the bullying happened.

  • > Cmagistrelli ok im abck also is this omlette group in medi


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Happy Stitch Day! 💙

  • UwU

  • Omg if i tell my sister she will freak out bc she loves stitch uwu

  • I don't blame you. He's my favorite Disney character, too. :3

  • Sorry his my fav character-


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(Anger Vent) Why do I even bother?!

  • im so sorry i hope everything turns out for u and ill be here for u <3 :)

  • I really wish I didn't care about my friends as much as I do.

  • I don't see why I even bother anymore. Maybe I should stop making gifts for my friends altogether because with a lot of them, I don't know when I'll see them again and I don't want the same thing to happen then. I started making pride bracelets for my LGBTQ+ friends but I'm worried that I did that for nothing because I don't know when I'll see them in person again. I know I'm getting upset over something small but I just wish I weren't so generous because of this whole thing. I just hate doing something for someone and later on thinking that it was all for nothing.

  • I basically wasted my time, money, energy, effort and yarn on a stupid gift I made for a kid I don't even know and will most likely never get to give it to him after all the time, love, thought and effort I put into it. I guess next time my friend asks me to make something for her, I'll just say "no" because I don't want to keep putting my heart into making something for someone and have it all be for absolutely nothing. My mom gave an explanation as to why my friend is the way she is but I'm still hurt by the fact that I put so much thought into something she asked me to do for her and then she just forgets. Again, she didn't mean to be mean. I don't want to go into too much detail about her situation, though.


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(Vent) Panic attack

  • I understand how stressful that is. I’ve done a lot of moving in my life and I’ve had to leave a lot of things behind! I don’t know what will happen or how you’re feeling. But if you really have to leave then spend as much time doing the things you love as you can. Can’t wait to see your next post!

  • And really You need to think about good things And you have us So anytime you feel sad Just tell us

  • Be strong ;)

  • Thank you! 💖💖💖💖


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(Vent) Going ballistic

  • Don't worry. What mainly had me upset was that my uncle says that to succeed in life, you have to be a specific type of person and in my case, that would mean being someone that I'm not but I'm not going to do that. I'll prove him wrong. I can be successful while still being myself. I have a plan and I'm going to find a way to make it work.

  • DON'T KILL YOURSELF, please I will gonna be so so sad if you don't draw anymore Be happy, ok?

  • > Cmagistrelli Really, why don't you be happier Relax and think about what the good thing you did. Your mom still love you your uncle and your aunt care about your future. Your mom care about the cat because she love it, care about it just like care about you You special in your own way you know And I think you are special

  • Wow.... that really, really sucks! All I can tell you is that you definitely SHOULD NOT hate yourself! You’re such a wonderful person and you have so many unique interests that make you wonderful! And I know that there are a lot of people here that would agree with me. You also definitely shouldn’t leave and you definitely SHOULD NOT kill yourself! We all want you and we all need you, wether you realise it or not. I know that things are bad but just hold out hope, just keep believing and things will be ok! Can’t wait to see your next post.


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(Vent) I wish I were a boy.

  • Don't be sad Girls are amazing They cool in their own way You too Don't be sad just because of them There are many boys or someone else who love you

  • And 3: I'm basically over this now. I talked to my mom about it earlier this morning and that helped so, yeah, it's not a problem anymore.

  • Here's something I want to clear up. 1: I'm.perfectly fine being a girl because I still identify as female. 2: My brother said those things almost two years ago but I'm just not sure if he's out of that phase or not.

  • omg im so sorry if you want to be a boy i say go for it but if u want to be a girl then be a girl you shouldnt let anyone judge u because of your gender i know its hard to ignor but u should try your best to ignore i belive in u and u should talk some sense into your brother he sounds like a jerk