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  • > mei-lancholy No, you can keep commenting on my posts. I just really wasn't in a good state when I posted this. But I'm feeling better now for the most part. I still feel a little bad about a lot of the things that happened the day I posted this but I'm also still trying to let it go.

  • I’m sorry. If you’d like to, I can stop commenting on your posts. Not meaning to upset you, but I don’t think those people are lying to you. You’ve concluded your own truth and are respectfully sticking to that, but that ‘truth’ may not necessarily be correct. Please, please please please please don’t off yourself. Think of the people who care :(

  • I swear, I've reached my limit! If I end up saying or doing something else that makes me look bad, I'll off myself for real! I can't live with myself anymore! I can't stand making these kind of mistakes! I try my best to TRY to be a good person but no matter how hard I try, I'm still an asshole.


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(Vent) I hate myself...

  • > mei-lancholy Meant to reply sooner but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to word this. My problem is that I alway compare myself to people who actually are bad. When I hear about someone being revealed to be problematic in any way, it makes me worry if I'm just as bad as them. There were (and still are) times where I get a little mean due to my anger issues but other than that, I'd never INTENTIONALLY do or say anything to harm/offend anyone but I worry about some things from my past and while I've never had any malice intended, I worry that I'm still a bad person. I'm embarrassed of my past/younger self for so many reasons and now I feel like all the things that people say about me being a good person aren't true. (I know it's just the voice in my head getting to me but I'll admit, sometimes it's hard to tell what's true about me and what isn't.)

  • Lastly, you ARE NOT an awful person. The voice telling you that you are in your head is trying to sabotage you- believe me, I have the same thing too. The hardest part of overcoming these feelings is believing that you are a good person, which you are. If you really were such an awful person, then you would not even be considering if you are bad or not and you would have no consideration for others. I can see and I know that you care about your friends and family. You are kind and generous, you are a GOOD PERSON. I am not just saying that for the sake of it. It’s true. I hope you feel better soon. All your friends and family love you, even if you do not see it. Many people do not like to be open with their loving gestured and emotions. You deserve everything in the world. Also sorry for the sudden appearance lol. I thought it would be a good time to talk again after checking out your page. Sending my prayers and best wishes xx

  • It’s lunchboxfriends2. I made another account. First off; why do you think everybody hates you? When somebody gets insecure or is prone to self-loathing then they over-analyse their loved ones’ behaviours. I am almost certain they do NOT hate you- though it is very hard to believe that when you’ve set yourself up in this kind of mindset. Secondly, it’s okay to be embarrassed about your past self. Everybody makes many mistakes when they are young and you are no exception. However, it IS NOT your fault that the communities you associated yourself with in the past turned out to be not so good.


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(Vent) Wishing I Was Normal

  • You sound like what I'm going through. But I'm sure there are some people out there who will like you for being who you are. You're a great drawer too.

  • > Cmagistrelli Ah, I understand. Hopefully you can find something else that you like, maybe something you like better than he JoJo and furry fandom :) hope you're doing okay

  • > PescadoBlub I know but I guess what I forgot to mention before is that I've noticed that I've almost completely lost interest in JoJo and the furry fandom but at the same time, I miss being into both. It's hard to explain. I've lost interest in both things and because of that, it makes me a little sad is what I guess I'm trying to say.

  • I feel you. No matter what you do there will still be haters and you cannot change that. I feel like if you enjoy the furry fandom or being a JoJo fan or anything else you should not change that to make others happy if that makes you happy. I know criticism is hard, but just try to put yourself above others.


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(Vent) Rest, my dear friend...

  • Oh.... So sad... This must be so hard for you.

  • Losing a pet is hard, but I bet you where amazing owner. It's not your fault, and I hope you feel better soon!

  • I’m sorry that you had to lose your cat, I know what it feels like to lose a beloved pet. I promise you that it’s not your fault! I’m sure that you’ve never failed her, and I’m sure that you loved her with all of your heart. That’s what counts in the end. I hope that you feel better soon!

  • > TheRandomFandom | Yeet Thanks. And I'm doing better than I was when it first happened but I'll definitely reach out if I I need to talk to someone. <3


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  • Awh, I'm really sorry you feel like this. :( I'm not that comforting, but I try. I hope everything gets better.

  • I really don't know why I thought that acting like a child to cope with stress was a good idea in the first place. Like, what the fuck was I thinking? And how was my mom okay with it?! I wish she would have discouraged me from it since now I'm just so disgusted with the idea of "age regression". I really don't know how to feel about it anymore. Maybe Mom would have cared more about my mental health needs if I were a normal girl for once.


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(Vent) "Remember Me..."

  • I'm such a fucking failure and a disgrace to my family. I don't drive, I don't have a job, I still act like a child sometimes and I don't know why I' this. Maybe that's why everyone I care about leaves me. It's because I'm such a fucking failure and God/the universe is just trying to remind me of that! This is why I hate myself so much. I just wish I were never born. I just wish I could die in my sleep so all of this bullshit would be over and done with. I just don't fucking know how much more I can take.

  • I don't know how much more I can take. Like I said, I've been on a slow mental decline and I just can't fucking take it anymore. I'm so done with all of life's bullshit! I know I say this a lot and I eventually come to my senses, but I'm starting to feel kind of suicidal again. I don't know what I'm doing to deserve all this pain but I can't fucking take it anymore! I. Am. So. Fucking. Done! I am so fucking tired of the people I really love always leaving, be it by death or just losibg touch and I end up stuck with a bunch of assholes like my toxic friends and the authoritarian dumbass that is one of my aunts. I fucking hate how my life is like this! And I'm tired of being such a fucking crybaby. I get so upset over everything and I fucking hate it! I just hate myself in general!


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(Vent) Nowhere Is Safe Anymore...

  • I honestly wish that my family and friends would just stop telling me I'm a good person because I know I'm not. Not with all the mistakes I made in the past. If I were truly a good person, I would have never made those mistakes in the first place.

  • > Disfuncion erectil among us Gracias.

  • I keep thinking of how I've been called a pedophile for being an age regressor, a furry, a My Little Pony fan and a Luca fan, I've been called toxic by someone on Brawl Stars, I've been severely bullied by my friend to the point where he treated me like a criminal over something harmless, I've been called pathetic and a degenerate because my favorite anime is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Honestly, I still wish I never started watching it), I've been called so many names and have been falsely labelled so many times that I just can't take it anymore. I just want it all to stop. I'm tired of being ashamed of things that are harmless. I'm tired of always living in fear. I'm tired of being falsely labelled. I'm tired of it all. I just can't do this anymore.

  • Muy bonito <3


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(Vent) Questioning my sanity

  • If you tried to send me a friend request, for some reason, the game isn't showing it for me. (I closed out and reopened the app several times and it still didn't show anything.)

  • nevermind i saw it now

  • But i dont know you're user though?)

  • Thanks. (And it's okay. Maybe try sending me a friend request in Brawl Stars and we can play a few games.)


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Sunny as Trash Poco

  • I have Colette, too! She's one of my favorite Brawlers.

  • poco is so trash I got him long time ago

  • i play brawl stars too i have collete (she's a chromatic, higher than a legendary and mythic ) lmao

  • (Those are some of the lyrics from a Brawl Stars song, btw.)


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(Vent) Something needs to change...

  • I will pray for you, I may not be able to find my words for it, but I hope that god can send my message to you. Know that he is on your side, be patient. You just need to believe in it. Trust me. Pray about it. It works! [And I'm speaking from experience] it won't always turn out the way you expect, but his plan will always work out in the end. I'm going to church tomorrow. And I will be thinking of you. (Oh crap now I'm crying too lol)

  • Sorry if none of this makes any sense. I'm tired, upset and overwhelmed so my words probably aren't coming out the way I originally thought they would.


  • I have absolutely no idea how to respond so I'll send u some prayers instead


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(Vent) "Fine! We can do this the hard way!"

  • Well, here's the thing. Fortunately, the raid's over, the raiders are banned from that server, there are admins to keep an eye on things now but the only downside is that all the raider's messages are deleted so I don't have any screenshots to use as proof if I DID press charges. And on top of that, I don't know how to press charges against someone and I don't know if I'm legally old enough to press charges. Since I don't have proof and I don't know if I can legally press charges at my age, I just hope that karma catches up with those fools soon.

  • > Cmagistrelli literally press charges

  • I understand your pain, that sub raid must have been truly awful! I hope that those people get banned and punished for what they did to you and your friends! I’m sure the raid will stop soon. I also understand that you feeling like giving up your interests, but you shouldn’t have to. You deserve to be yourself and deal with things the way you want to! I’m sure that things will calm down soon but in the meantime, please continue to be yourself because you’re such a wonderful person! I hope that you feel better soon.

  • I am really fucking close to just leaving every single fandom I'm in and giving up on all my hobbies, interests and coping mechanisms that I used so I can avoid being treated like shit in the future. I really don't handle bullying well. I never did. I still don't. All I fucking want is to be myself but when I am being myself, I get falsely labelled, bullied by strangers, my toxic friend and some people in my family and I end up feeling out of place because I don't fit in with other kids my age. And I always end up feeling alone after I give up on something I used to like but at this point, I'm willing to sacrifice my own sanity and happiness just to be accepted by those around me.


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(Vent) "What should I do?"

  • You dont need t ok get rid of all your interests and leave all your fandoms and stuff, the only thing you have to do is learn to have adult responsibilities. If you let other things get in the way of that then something has to change, just not your personality

  • All my friends are telling me that I can still be a childlike person even as an adult but knowing how some people in my family are, specifically my aunt, Angela, she probably wouldn't approve of that so I feel somewhat obligated to be who she wants me to be even though that's not fully the case here.

  • I just want to be a little kid again. I just want to go back to watching My Little Pony while coloring in a coloring book without being judged for it. I want to go back to when believing in unicorns and mermaids didn't make me crazy or immature. I want to go back to when wearing pastel colors and hair bows was socially acceptable. I just want to go back to those times when I didn't worry so much.

  • My 18th birthday is over 5 months away fron now and since I'll legally be considered an adult, I'm just so worried about what changes I'll need to make in myself by then. Will I need to give up on my hobbies? Will I need to leave all my favorite fandoms? Will I need to change all my interests? Will I need to become someone else entirely? I'm not looking forward to being 18 next year. I'm not ready for my childhood to be over. My mom says it doesn't have to be and that age is just a number but I feel like that's just a bunch of dog water. I have a feeling that by the time I'm 18, some people in my family will expect me to be someone I'm not and I don't want that to happen.