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Autumn is coming

welp here's another birb drawing for this month and u guess it right, its le birb of autumn XD clashes well with this new medi competition of having the theme autumn :P

i really wish my followers would actually support my work and comment on them, why are u following me in the first place if ur not supporting me that much, if my art is shite pls dont follow me to begin with :C it really hurts me that all of my hardwork is being ignored. Srry for the vent, thats just how i feel everytime i post an artwork on here QwQ

  • > RightsNighty hm nu the people who follows me are pretty active ugh lol dont worry about it

  • I’m so sorry SoulKaze, I haven’t been active much. But I see this now and I want to say, WOWWWW 😍😍 I’m sorry you feel all your hardworking is being ignored, it may be because a lot of people left? But I’ll still be here to support you, I’ll do better at it I promise

Sneaky Teasers

Can't leave this month lonely ;P here's a sneak peak of this month's bird, and ooff looks like a very smol birb is going against a giant creature. Unlike other Birb Gods, he is strongest in brute strength. He is the embodiment of "War", now then can you guess what God im referring to? :D
Also another AT in progress, funny how i can switch from cute to scary lol after this AT i will be drawing a cute doggo :3

  • > SoulKaze Yeah the app itself is terrific, I hope nothing changed with the app. And lol oof but hey it’s nice to talk with you now!

  • > RightsNighty the art program itself is fine, this shouldnt stop anyone getting le apps XD although im planning to venture forth into the deep abyss called "Money" XP well i can get discord now but im such a lazy potatoe

  • > SoulKaze Lol this is honestly really sad But yeah I’ll be excited when you can join Discord

  • > RightsNighty i too wont last much longer on here as well XD thats why im getting discord soon, gotta start recruiting some friends into the house of floofs before this site dies off lol

So hear me out :D

Me and my friend planned out this amazing idea that will happen in the future :3
The idea is to have team art collab battle with numerous artists around the world, so an Artist Battle Royal. The groups will be separated into different teams/houses, and there will be three themes to participate in, well depends on how many people are joining. Communication will be relied on discord etc. No matter who wins or losers, everyone will join together a create an A1 collab drawing to celebrate and have fun :3
So its like a normal art battle, such as create an art to attack an opposing opponent and defend etc. I've decided to add in where team mates can join together to create a single collab drawing whether its for attack or defence. I want this to be a fun and healthy competition. Also a way to promote and help those who are underrated or those who simply started art.
Team mates can provide art tips but, you are limited because this is their art fight XD
This is still in working development and a simple plan for the future, i want this to help everyone and simply have fun in art *w*

feel free to give out ideas as well :D i would love to hear them :3

  • > SoulKaze Yes. Or, too, they are not allowed to draw a foot, so they can only draw ankles or above.

  • > RightsNighty ooooooh thats a very interesting idea soo if a team uses a collab attack on another team, they lose the ability to do anatomy correctly, for example, drawing a perfect hand etc. :ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Oh my word this looks like fun!! 😍i would die for this! And what about the effect of damage? What if like that meant you couldn’t use idk, a color/lineart/anatomy part (just an idea)

  • > AliSushie YAS even my friend said so lol

Another drawing

Its another drawing for a friend's birthday that was supposed to be for yesterday, so it's gonna be called the laaaaateeeeee birthday gift, although he doesn't mind lol yes this is inspired by BOTW and im simply curious as to how they make those wonderful background arts 0.0 so this is experimental lol

  • Holy heck I just remembered the art trade we wanted to do sorry lemme just - *starts drawing your birb boy*

  • I wish I could draw that good.

  • thats good XD

  • > ʍʏǟʀȶɨֆȶʀǟֆɦ--got--oofed :( lol i never judge someone, people are free to whoever they want to be and i accept their decision, if thats the path they have decided to choose. i mean your simply the same person, so i really dont mind lol XD

Art Trades :D

Feel free to ask me for art trades, heck i can do any art trades *^* (expect nsfw ones, me don't do that XD)
Although im a bit busy, art trades are extremely fun and i love seeing other artists doing a drawing in their own style
Here are the examples of some AT i've done :3

  • > ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆ sure, and omg its sooo cute XD kinda reminds me one of my Oc who is a fox with wings XD

  • > SoulKaze Okie dokie thank you and can you draw this character of mine? I don’t have a name for them -~-

  • > ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆> ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆ yes that's the right character :D oh please don't stress yourself with a date, simply take your time and have fun drawing him, lol i too is busy as well so take it slowly :3

  • > SoulKaze Is this what he looks like? Rathalos? I’m not familiar with the gaming series and I just wanted to know if this was the right character

It ish done òwó

The past few days during some free time i was building my first gundam out of the four i bought whilst in japan òwó God the satisfaction when its finally finished but the pain and anger of putting everything together is just....REEEEEE '^' ahem...

Behold this magnificent Unicorn Gundam Phenex, Narrative Ver. :D
Gundam series are my second favourite animes to watch :3 my first gundam anime would be gundam seed/seed destiny xD
Feel free to ask me about gundam if ur curious to what it is :3

  • Wow

  • I sincerely congratulate you for going thru the pain and suffering of building this magnificient masterpiece with all the tiny bits that they give you. Also LOVE IT!!!

  • > ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ There's another version that's actually covered in gold itself XD

  • > RightsNighty oh yes gundam is an anime, the so called the gundam series. There are numerous gundam animes out there, too many to count and list XD A gundam is advance, high performing mobile suit ( aka giant robot). The mobile suit requires a person to make it move and perform incredible movements. Gundams are often outperforms normal mobile suits mostly due to their latest technology installed in them. Some can even transform for example: or those who have unique system installed in them: Gundam is mostly about war (politician stuff etc), sci-fi, military and robots XD

X3X Heck

whats up with this weather?! its too hot uughughuhgughughuhg i shouldnt be complaining since my home country is hotter than where im living right now but ooooffff
So many of my brain cells are getting murdered XoX

anyways heres anotha wip

  • > RightsNighty> RightsNighty i'll try lol

  • > Sock-baits> Sock-baits huheuheu cheers

  • > AliSushie> AliSushie lucckkkkkky i want AC as well XD

  • Try to keep cool! Also 😍😍😍😍 ack it’s so good! I’m excited to see how this one turns out!

QnA and Doodles

*sips green tea* its that time of day, so to celebrate 100 followers :D ask me any questions and i'll try to answer them lol lets get to know each other and post random fun sketches
Feel free to join and i'll try to check here and then lol

  • > AliSushie sammmme XD

  • Replied back to you!!

  • > AliSushie i have answered your question :DD

  • > RightsNighty ohoho, i am simply age 19 lel or if you want my actual age, its over 9000 sometimes i forget my age cuz it's been forever since someone asking for my age lol

Hakuna Matata :D

aaaaaaahhhh going to see the lion king today and im sooo excited to see it
Sometimes live action doesn't have the same charm as animation, heck the lion king animation is one of my top favourite disney animation followed by Spirit, brother bears etc.

gonna keep my expectations low, heck im one of those people who simply enjoys the show XD

  • > SoulKaze I'll try to watch it when I can. hehhehe

  • > SoulKaze 👌😅👌

  • > R.I.P ehhhh who cares about spelling error XD i hope you will be able to see it as well, it's great especially timone and pumba XD

  • > ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆ oh yis i did have fun lol XD good nostalgia and i goddamn happy cried. One thing that ruined it was beyonce singing during Simba's running back to home :/ all in all its a good remake :D

:3 back from holiday

yiss im back from my 3week vacation XD got a new drawing tablet, a huion kamvas pro 13 OVO that awesome display screen. Expect more artworks using that new tablet, rip old wacom medium intous TvT you were the reason i started to do digital art and feel motivated, but its time to put u to rest.

Also got looooots of goood stuff from japan and good their food over there, is yummmmmyyyyy OvO and i had fun spending time with my relatives in Hong kong ^.^

well...time to read all those notifications ughgghhghghghghghg

  • > SoulKaze Oooh j see!

  • > RightsNighty ahahaha XD Hong Kong is never cool, its too hot XD lol jk yis its very humid over there :D hmmm i guess the food being delicious and yummy :P also the animals such as wild birbs, they are really interactive. And i saw one guy feeding so many little birbs through his window, it was so cooool lol

  • I’m glad it seems your safe, and I’m happy for you with all the new art gear! 😍😍😍 jealoussss Also what’s the coolest thing about Hong Kong if I may ask?