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Sailor Moon Redraw

  • > Kazecoo Oh ok 👌

  • > UNDERDOGS. ah yes i am leaving Artstreet, so this will be my last post for this place but, im active on other sites such as insta and devianart :)

  • Wait what? your last post??

  • Good! >^<


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[OC] Magnovae

  • > Wafflehouse_Inn thank you XD and yes i do remember you c:

  • woahh! this is amazin! ( also if ya dont remember me its Ponder_Brume, i moved accounts (´•ω•`=) )

  • warrior birb >:3


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[AT] K-Striker

  • > CrazyHorseDragon ik thk uu :D

  • Looks amazing! I gave you a Ninja Llama on Deviant btw


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  • > CrazyHorseDragon awww thats so nice of you, thank you very much : D

  • Ohmagawd they're so cute! Your style has improved soooooooooo much Love your art :)

  • > Communist cinnamon roll thank you : D

  • aww!so cute😍


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Smol Birb


  • So beautiful and realistic~

  • > ˚♡DarkBlood♡˚ oh no im not popular uwu im barely even recognizable on here lol it doesnt matter what u draw etc. its just the algorithmn XD but thank u

  • 大神级别的


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The One Who Governs Death

  • > CrazyHorseDragon looool u will be soon, u just gotta practice 4hrs daily and u'll improve alot XD

  • I wish I were as good as you!

  • > WhiteFire aww thank you lol u will get there soon XD not as good but to surpass me

  • i really love your arts and hope to be as good as you one day


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Birb of Autumn

  • > RightsNighty owo well to convey autumn u must become one with autumn XD

  • I love this one! My personal favorite! You go my friend! 😍😍 I love how the wings look like leaves 🍁 XD

  • thank you guys ^.^

  • so cool


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Baby Nidhogg

  • > RightsNighty lool thank you XD hmm a tutorial? aahah someday when i know what to do XD

  • This incredible! I love the choice of colors and how they all blend with each other! You really need to create a tutorial someday! Congrats with 200+ on insta!

  • whoa!!!!

  • > WarriorTheWolf~Nova looool cheers and sry i dont lol im struggling myself to finish a last request that i have atm lol XD


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[AT] Camden

  • > SoulKaze Ha, lol.

  • 👍

  • > Moon Killer lol thank you and yaay ur the first person to comment on here lol XD

  • omg!! It is soooooo fluffy and cute!!!


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Borb of War

  • Why does the blue monster remind me of Thanos.... it looks so uncannily like him for some reason

  • > RightsNighty i will only detail my drawings if i feel like it or im motivated to do it or its a collab and i dont have to do anything except colouring in the monster and waiting for the other person to finish theirs XD

  • Ok I think I see your art is getting more detailed? Correct me if I’m wrong? Like you’re improving even better? Ah, your art makes my eyes happy to look at 😆

  • > R.I.P Password evil thank you ^-^


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[AT] Skeleton Dragon

  • > R.I.P Password evil dont have to say sorry ^-^

  • > SoulKaze oh, sorry you feel that way.

  • > R.I.P Password evil i just simply feel like i really don't belong here and i've been more active somewhere like instagram, cuz there's more interactions and discord. Sometimes i question why ppl follow me tbh lol i would continue posting just that i simply come here to post art and leave. Because no one seems to want to interact with me sadly :c sorry i simply just wish ppl be more accepting on here.

  • > SoulKaze Why!?!? Why would you not want to post any soon?!? Wait.....are you never coming back??!!!!?! Noooooooo!!!!


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[AT] Fox/Owl

  • > DarkReaper8 yaaay

  • ~SoulKaze~ thanks and I appreciate you!! I did it...

  • ~☆~Dragon purr~☆ can I have a copy of this child please?

  • > DarkReaper8 sry i meant to say Dragon's purr XD scroll down, they have chicken nuggets as their profile pic, you can do it *^* be brave


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Drawing Fire Tutorial

  • > ❇𝑅𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓎❇ if you do try it out, pls show me it, im very curious as to how you will tackle this :D

  • I really like your tutorial! I wanna try it out 💜😈😄🌈✨

  • > ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆ eh its not that much lol

  • wow


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Onwards to Yggdrasil!

  • > 🍍RivershineArt🍍 thank you :D

  • This is so good!!

  • > SoulKaze lol. How many ppl you want to be on your team (your the leader).

  • > R.I.P Password evil good luck and i cant w8 to see the team XD


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Chibi Asteri

  • > SoulKaze OK, I won't die lol

  • > R.I.P Password evil dont worry about that lol also pls dont die XD

  • sorry I was late!!! Omg this is soooooo cute I died how cute this is!!!!!! nice art keep up the good work!!!!

  • > GabKat :3


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Goddess of the Moon

  • > SoulKaze I am scared of most bugs butt not most of them. lol good to know I don't waste your time lol.

  • > R.I.P Password evil XD im not that scared of bugs, i simply smack them and wash my hands XD no your not wasting my time :P

  • > SoulKaze bug: I'ma land on the drawing table me: *stares at bug* bug: *stares back* me: *scearms loudly* bug: *dies* That is my scary story. lol, no that never happened before. Sorry for wasting your time with me.

  • > R.I.P Password evil your welcome, always free to help anyone in need XD


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OC: Rngness-sama

  • > SoulKaze lol heheh, thanks.

  • > R.I.P Password evil loooooooooooooooooooooooool thats a lot of describing then XD he is very pleased and so he will bless you :3

  • > DarkReaper8 u sacrifice all your bird feeds to him and exchange he will grant u excellent rng XD



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Thank you for 100!

  • > SoulKaze OK, lol

  • > R.I.P Password evil it took awhile due to how poopy the algorithm here on medibang actually every social media has poopy algorithm XD

  • > SoulKaze Amazing job making it to the 100 and more followers!!!!!!

  • > SoulKaze hahah, lol XD Xd XD lol hhahhha, those were all the things I can find that resemble laughter.


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[AT] Kalux

  • > SoulKaze Sure That will be helpful!!!!!! Nah, don't worry about replying late, sometimes it happens to me.

  • > ΜΟ Γιανγκ[墨陽] 谢谢 :)

  • > R.I.P Password evil aaaaahhhhh sry for replying so late XD creating the fire is simple but its so hard to type it out in words, can i show it to via step by step?

  • 哇不错唉


Illustrations has been published.

Doodle Gift

  • your welcome lol

  • > R.I.P Password evil looool thank you for all those comments XD me tried lel

  • She IS soooooo prEtTy!!!!!!


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Birpollo, God of the Sun

  • > SoulKaze Well, Your on a higher drawing level than me.

  • > Password evil noooooo you can draw, aint no trash *^* ish guud work

  • > SoulKaze pffffft, you should my work of trash lol. You look like a king of drawing or something, while I look like a artist that can't even draw a dot.XD

  • > Password evil HA! Professional? pffft XD no im not a professional artist, hopefully one day lol im just a simple noob artist that is enslaved by their own creations. You wouldn't want to call me a professional cuz i really dont practice stuff, i only practice when it comes to actual drawings :D


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  • cute!!

  • > Flynns_Dead ah thank you :3

  • 😍😍😍

  • :O This is beautiful


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[AT] Domino

  • DrAGONS!!!

  • > WhiteFire ehhhhhhhhh idk i really dont keep track on how long i draw XD i spend as much as i can when i have free time :3 so few hours at least until im satisfied with something then continue the drawing on the next day, rinse and repeat :D

  • So cool! How much time do you spend on drawing?

  • > QuAcK XD lol


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  • > Bannithearmy5_2 lol what XD

  • he Will eat him self

  • AcK so cute!

  • > RightsNighty thank you for the big compliment lol XD i tried my best in this


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Pigeon Dragon

  • > RightsNighty blessings XD

  • > �Shadⓔ�~Οf�ShΆdo⒲�% thanks! :DDDD a beautiful pigeon indeed

  • So beautiful!


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God of Rng

  • > SoulKaze Np

  • > DarkReaper8 omg such big compliment thank you very much :D

  • > Emberblaze thank you :D

  • #nowords #it'skillingmeofawesomeness Your artwork is soo out of this world!! I love all of them!! <3 ^w^