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Illustrations has been published.


  • > CrazyHorseDragon awww thats so nice of you, thank you very much : D

  • Ohmagawd they're so cute! Your style has improved soooooooooo much Love your art :)

  • > Communist cinnamon roll thank you : D

  • aww!so cute😍


Illustrations has been published.

Smol Birb


  • So beautiful and realistic~

  • > ˚♡DarkBlood♡˚ oh no im not popular uwu im barely even recognizable on here lol it doesnt matter what u draw etc. its just the algorithmn XD but thank u

  • 大神级别的


Illustrations has been published.

The One Who Governs Death

  • > CrazyHorseDragon looool u will be soon, u just gotta practice 4hrs daily and u'll improve alot XD

  • I wish I were as good as you!

  • > WhiteFire aww thank you lol u will get there soon XD not as good but to surpass me

  • i really love your arts and hope to be as good as you one day