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I contemplated a lot about whether to even announce this here, but I figured I may as well!
December 7th, Monday, at 9AM Pacific Standard Time I will be launching a small online shop to sell some stickers, buttons, keychains and prints, to bring in a little income. I've been posting like crazy on my instagram and twitter about it, both @nassinthesky if you wanna check me out on those websites.
I can't add very many pictures, but here are a few of the products I'll be selling. Everything is bubble, star-filled and cute, so if you're interested in supporting my work and getting some really adorable products, please check it out! Thanks! ★
(New manga coming soon!)

  • > Abyssal WOAH!!! That's awesome!! I didn't realize one of the orders was you!! Thank you so much, I'm so glad it arrived safely!! Yes I love stars and I went all out hahaha sorry I'm just now seeing this but thank you so much!!

  • Reporting in that the delivery drivers decided against extreme off-roading or high impact tennis with the package, so the order arrived intact! Considering they were prints, I'd say that's pretty good. But yeah, just letting you know they made it and look good, I'll just need a way to frame them somewhere. So many stars and flowers everywhere!

  • > Abyssal Haha, well I'm happy to support you! You're working hard and are producing something you love so it's awesome to see and be close to it! Thank you for your support as well! Youve been the same for me- no worries about advertising or anything, I figured I'd just let whoever's would see it on here know! And yes I definitely still do want to- that's awesome how much progress you've made!! I'll message you!

  • Also, I'm sending this message here where you'll more likely see it, with the site layout change. I'm putting the finishing touches onto my first chapter draft now. The writing is done, and there's just some insert art to do which will hopefully be done within the week. If you're still interested in being an early reader for it, feel free to send me a message the normal way on here, with whatever gmail account you're comfortable using, so I can bring you into the google doc for it. Other than that, let's both keep working away on our projects, there's much to be done!


Everyone was so patient, and so supportive, and I am so happy that I got a chance to create this world and these character. I love them so much and I want to continue this story as a series, so I hope others love them too!
I definitely let my humor, tastes, and personality saturate this more than any other I've done. Like I said at the very start, I wrote this selfishly, so it differs from Japanese manga's stereotypes and humor a little I think. If it reads as weird to you, I am okay with that trade off for the enjoyment I got out of creating this. And thank you for reading what I've created!!!!!!
Anyways, I'm taking October off to rest and storyboard the next couple chapters, which are already partially written. I can't wait to continue this!!!!

(Lol and the cover is the least colored/detailed one I've done. I may redo it since it's not tied to a contest but I've been at my computer for 16 hours- thats excluding breaks- and I was so ready to turn it in. I hope my alien looking characters don't offend your senses too much, and maybe i'll do a better one!!)

  • And by "differs from Japanese manga", I mostly think that you can really tell this one was written by an American. I think that's something foreign mangaka try and mask sometimes, and I certainly have, but this one I let loose so I'm mostly just addressing my own insecurity that it wont read as "real manga" or something. People dont care about that as much now but Tokyopop definitely brainwashed me already ahhhhhh


Still steadily inking every day! Medibangs in a bit of a slog but with all these contests I'm excited to see people's work! I'm sure there will be some amazing submissions! Keep working hard, everyone!!!
Here's some sketches I did on breaks, I'm almost halfway done inking but I wanted to post something! I dont know, I'd expect most people have stopped waiting for my manga by now, since it's been months. I too thought id be done by now... in fact the original deadline was march... but im a beginner so it really doesn't impact my success... I'm just glad to still be working hard on it! I know I'm slow. Thank you so much for supporting me! Have a good night and keep drawing!

  • > Brojack What fortuitous timing! I just posted it! So, I can confirm that i DID die, but I got it done early, even! Three all-nighters this week. This is my third. Not in a row, or else I'd be decimated but I pulled out all the stops! I'm not a great judge of shojo either, but I hope it's girliness and weirdness don't offend your shonen sensibilities too much.. As shojo goes, it's not great, and I was incredibly unsure about posting it but... My mom liked it, so... Anyways, enjoy your down time!!! Working on fundamentals is vital, definitely. I can't wait to see what your next oneshot is like, though!

  • > Nass Going to take some time after I finish the next one-shot to work on my fundamentals a bit, so I can figure out what things like girly faces actually look like. And I'd be happy to help you with drawing muscles anytime - like all healthy men my age, I love drawing muscular men. And yeah, glad things are quieting down a bit for me, I'm done being responsible for the time being. And yes, you are insane, please try not to die. But at the same time good luck with your tiny one-shot and I'm looking forward to reading it (although I've never read a page of shojo in my life so I'm probably not the best judge).

  • > Brojack *sigh* And I was so hoping for pointers... I cant draw muscles either, but that's your area of expertise so if I ever draw any buff dude-men then I'll ask you for advice. Aaaah, you have been busy! Even busier then I thought! It sucks to have to put your passions aside and be responsible all the time. That'll be nice, getting to finally draw again. I'm happy for you! I am drawing about a page a day, but I have one or two days a week where at most I can draw a panel cuz I'm so busy. But I'm on page 31/72 so I'm making progress! Although I decided to be absolutely insane and get an 11 page oneshot done this week for the shoujo contest, just as a break and to go all out with my inking without worrying about being perfect. So. I might die, and then itll just be you alone to carry on, slowly but surely...

  • I thought it was a she, but wanted to be sure. I am absolutely incapable of telling how to draw faces in a feminine way so I can't help you there! Someday, it'll just be us two left at the pace we work. Although to be honest, recently I haven't been able to draw at all due to all the work I've got on, but I've got a nice break coming up soon, so I'm looking forward to getting back into it!

I'm Alive and Inking!

Who's that man?
What's his smile?
Pile of trash,
Sleeping pile.
What's his name?
I like that face
Shinji Star
Cuz he's from SPACE

  • > Half-Baked_Art Aaaaah, omg thank you so much!!! 💕💕

  • aaaaaaa yesss this is amazing!!!

  • > Abyssal Yoma Haha, thank you so much! Yeah, you have a grittier, sketchier inking style for sure. It makes things look a lot more mature and urban I think- it is cool that we can compare our styles. It helps us grow to analyze art and figure out why something works or not! I definitely love inking styles like Takeshi Obata's, Bisco Hatori's or Daisuke Hagiwara's, which are all incredibly clean and pretty so I aspire to that! I'm really glad you like it!

  • These look really good! I like how clean your inking is, the drawings you have inked always look so crisp. Then there's my stuff, which is not so much. It's kinda cool that I'm starting to get a sense of how our styles differ, haha. Keep it up!

Oki next paaage

most fun. I could do this forever. I think I WILL

  • That looks amazing!

  • > Half-Baked_Art Oh, and for the sky i used wstercolor brushes and watered down ink!

  • > Half-Baked_Art Thank you so much! Im sure youre fine at inking! It just takes practice and persistence to get good at it! There's so many mangaka i admire for their work and honestly experience is often the only difference between a novice and a pro. Just keep at it! As for pens, i use all sorts! For people, g pens and maru pens for small details and hair shading. for backgrounds i use mostly maru pen for all crosshatching and lines, then brush pens, sharpies, or whatever i think will get the job done! Im pretty experimental, cuz im poor and dont always have professional tools, its nice to practice with whatevers on hand. And you get lots of different effects from different tools!

  • > Abyssal Yoma Thank you so much- gah you just gave me such a confidence boost with all that, i am so glad you noticed the different styles and such, cuz i really tried to make that come across! I will definitely keep it up, but you should know youre impressive to me! Starting out doing manga is a big undertaking, but you're plugging away at it and being methodical in your studies and preparation, which is smart! You keep it up too!


One more page to sketch then on to inks! There are so many people who have been patient waiting for this oneshot as i got slower and slower, but i hope its worth it because i have been painstaking in my effort to improve and make every page better than the last. I love this manga so much! All of my love, attention, and patience has gone to developing the art and making constant revisions but i have loved it every step of the way, even tho i got frustrated to tears many times. I took so long and sometimes a couple days went between pages. Some panels have taken me five hours to do. 72 pages and every panel has my emotion in it. I truly love this world and its characters more than any other ive done. Im so excited to share it with you all!!

  • > Brojack I didn't see his before! But HECK YEAH!!! Everyone who has read it so far thinks so, now it's just up to me to ink with everything I've got! Thank you so much for waiting on me!

  • Seriously looking forward to reading this now. Feel like it's gonna be your best one yet!

  • > Abyssal Yoma I'm so happy it could encourage you! I definitely agree- loving your work is the first step to creating a work others can love! I have a hard time putting that into practice so I'm happy I could take my time with this one and really grow attached to it. You should have confidence- creating manga isn't easy and you've been working hard! I think you'll make fantastic works.

  • I'm happy that it's going well and your loving it, that's the most important thing anyway, at least I think so. I'll have to thank you for this post as well, because it's helping me get out of the little slump I've been in with all my doubt.

Quick Drawing

21 pages left to sketch!!!! I am drawing very slowly- even though I'm working on it every day my rate is like 1 panel/2 hours, which is a drastic difference from other oneshots I've done. Sorry about that. I don't know why it's like this. But I hope it'll be worth it!
Here's a drawing I did so that I could take a break and have fun!

  • > Brojack Thank you!!!!!! Ahh, I'm so glad to hear that! I hope the manga looks just as good! Thank you, seriously!!!!!!

  • Damn, the anatomy, clothing, shading, the energy - this is really good. You're getting really good at this!

  • > Abyssal Yoma Thank you so much! That made me happy to read why you liked it. I'm not super good at putting personality and life into my drawings- it's my biggest flaw I think, so I tried really hard to do that here, and I'm incredibly grateful that you saw life in it because it means I can improve in that area! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • This is a really nice drawing, I'd say mainly for the fact that what jumped out at me most was the "personality" of it, like the drawing really has some life to it. From the dolls on the hat to the business causal attire, it sells him well.The little touches like the thread spool in the background and the doll in his hand wrapped in measuring tape also go a long way.

Update! (And quick drawing)

Shinji... Not great hahaha but I just wanted to give an update- I'm almost half way done with the sketches now! It's been a lot of fun drawing it and I'll give it my all to the end! ^w^

  • > Nass No problem! I hope it works out for you! ^w^

  • > Jun-chan OMg, THANK YOU! I didn't know ANY of that, so thank you for the life saving screentone hacks!!!!! I will try that out and see how it goes! I'm so grateful hahahaha

  • Nice drawing as always! Regarding your screentone matter, it might help scanning your lineart in a higher resolution. There are two types of screentones in Medibang (350dpi and 600dpi) and for both your drawing needs to have kind of specific measurements for the screentones to look good. I'd recommend opening a 600dpi manga template canvas and checking the measurements, then scanning your drawing in a similar size. If you've already done that and it still looks weird, try changing the screentone. There are multiple kinds in Medibang and not all look good on every drawing, the ones I usually use (on manga template canvases, that is) are the 50L tones from 10% (light gray) to 80% (dark gray). There are other types like 40L and 60L tones and they look a bit different, so be sure to check the tone names! Hope this helps you a bit ^w^

  • > Abyssal Yoma Hahaha, I totally agree about the pants. That's the problem with digital screentone- it's supposed to be a smooth tile tone, actually, and I don't know what's wrong with medibang's screentones but all the ones in the "tile" section do that, making kind of an optical illusion. It should be a plain, dark screentone but it never works that way! Lol, but thank you! Since it's a test, that's helpful to know, and I'll do something different on his pants for the oneshot. Thank you for all your feedback! It means a lot! Seriously ^w^

Eli and Kaylah FASHION

Eli Nico and Kaylah Mili in outfits they'll be wearing in the oneshot! I think it's so fun to design and draw clothes (though these aren't original designs- more like pieced together outfits of pre-existing fashion) and I put a loooot of time and thought into each character's style and clothes so I hope you enjoy it!

  • > Abyssal Yoma NO, don't be sorry about that!! That makes me elated that it just worked for you, and it means even more because you really dig into the piece of work to find ways to improve it, so if this was good to you I'm really happy! Thank you so much! Yes, Kaylah's jacket is denim! ^w^ That's interesting that something even small like that can help tie things together and make it coherent- I'm gonna remember that for the future!

  • I think both designs are solid and distinctive enough for a story character, as in they don't look like any old arbitrary bg character. I can't really think of any specific criticism this time, so sorry about that. But, I can try to offer one insight. I think a small part of what makes these designs work together is that the "prominent" clothing pieces are both made of denim, at least I think Kaylah's jacket is denim?

Shinji Star (COLORED!)

I finally colored an illustration of Shinji, as promised! I loved doing this, and I'm so so SO impressed by all the digital artists, I love all the different styles and ways of coloring. This is a beginner attempt but I'm glad because last time I tried coloring digitally I cried it was so frustrating. So it's good I was able to finish this and have fun with it!
Enjoy Shinji~ I love this kid

  • > Abyssal Oh also I forgot to say it here but that character is Danger Rabbit, and he's my sister's character! I love it sososisosoooo much and she just hasn't done anything with his comic yet so I was like "I'm putting him on this jacket." Its AWESOME. I cant wait for her to draw her comic with him.

  • > Abyssal Yoma Thank you so much!!!! That means a lot , seriously! That little part was his undershirt, and it was white but when I did the background I saw it turn pink and was like.. "Eh. He can wear a pink tshirt." So part mistake, part laziness bahahaha You are really observant so thank you for this comment! It made me smile and feel proud!

  • I think you did a fine job with the coloring, the colors all look nice together and nothing looks flat. I also really like the mascot or whatever it is on the back of the jacket. It looks like some sort of crazy tinkerer gremlin and I'm very much into that. Keeping with my pattern of comments, there is one small thing I noticed. Is the small area on his back beneath the jacket supposed to be that pink color? I miss small things all the time, so no big deal if it isn't. Still, I think that this is something you can be proud of.

  • > TitanPega Hahahaha, thank you!!!!!


Okay so I contemplated even putting this here, but it's just some more sketches of Shinji, Kaylah and Eli. I'm getting into their designs, trying to memorize and familiarize myself with them. I haven't been doing illustrations really, but I'm starting this week for my inking practice, so expect some finished pieces with a lot more atmosphere and personality! With this, I'm done sketch dumping!
It wouldn't have been this many except I've been saving them for two weeks. These are my favorites, but they aren't all the ones I've done!
Actually, I have five more I want to share but I can only post four on a myspace, so I picked one that's a little more choreographed to post as an illustration (I will not make a fourth post just for one picture!) if by some miracle you wanted to see the millionth picture of these three.

  • 1st sketch is good all around, the character looks consistent in the poses and the profile one is quite nice, nothing looks out of place to me anyway. Obviously the second one isn't as polished, so there's that, but to me the neck on Shinji looks a little serpentine. I think it's the left part of his neck being ever so slightly too parallel with the right side. I really like the third one. The posing is well done and gives the characters life. Nothing criticism worthy that I can spot looking at it. And then the fourth one has great perspective on everything but perhaps Eli's left arm. It could just be that her hand is blocking the otherwise line-work for the foreshortening on the arm, just giving the impression that it's wider than it is. If that's the case, then I'd say it's just a little unflattering of a shot and nothing more. The guy in the front also has a nice bit of fish-eye perspective(I think?) on him, which isn't that easy to do well.


Okay here's a better sketch of Lorenzo and Melissa. They run a cafe, she makes chocolate (of all sorts) and he makes coffee. He's from Italy, and he studied in America, which is when they met and got married. My sister chose the name Lorenzo. He's her favorite character! AAAAND they have a twelve yr old son, who happens to be very much based off my little brother. Actually, this outfit is his. I had him stand still while I drew it. He wears gloves, goggles, random stuff because he loves Digimon and wants to look like the MC's, who always have lots of accessories.

Anyways, Jojo has a problem wagon but I'm not gonna talk about that here. HIS ARM LOOKS LITTLE I KNOW MY SISTER KEPT COMMENTING ON IT BUT HAHAHA I DONT WANNA CHANGE IT!

I don't know if it's bad to release a bunch of sketches and info for characters you don't know or care about, but I guess I'm doing it mostly for myself to make it fun, even if no one looks at it. I love all these characters, and this is definitely the first time I've gone through so much character development for the first oneshot. I will say though that there's not a scary amount of information in the actual oneshot. (At least I don't think so.)

  • > Abyssal Yoma Hahahaha, thank you! I didn't even see these comments till just now >.>' That's actually her bottom lip! Yes! So... Yes! Not her tongue hahaha I think she always has her mouth open in the shots in the storyboard so I'll make it clear that it's her lip Yes! I actually chose this outfit on my brother for that reason! My brother has a couple outfits he wears to look cool but there's kind of an atmosphere for this character and his mom- kind of rugged, very headstrong, compared to the dad who's very sweet hahaha, SO I wanted to make him look rugged! Thank you so much for your feedback as always!

  • First one's fine. The only small thing is I'm not sure if that's supposed to be her tongue sticking out. If it is maybe add some small creases on the sides of her mouth? Because I can't do that with my tongue without bringing out my dimples. I don't know, maybe it's just me missing something. Otherwise, I like the fact that the character with a "Problem Wagon" is dressed all rugged like they might have some problems of their own, even though that wasn't the reason he's wearing that outfit design wise. Also, little bit jealous that rounded eyes look good on your stuff. I tried and tried with mine, but it always looked hideous as though my characters are allergic to almond shaped eyes.


I'm gonna!
I designed the characters who run the shops, and I love all of these people. I can't wait to show you guys their stories! I'm almost ready to start the manuscript now, but I'm really trying not to rush it!
Okay, so we have Luz, a novelty/toy shop owner, Lorenzo, an italian barista who married Melissa the Chocolatier (They run a cafe together), then Jelly and Mirin, a pair of high school graffiti artists.
Next is Shinji's friend and rival boutiquer who doesn't yet have a name, but she runs the boutique Lore. She's not a designer, but she meets local designers, jewelers, even cosmetics companies and stocks their items that she likes.
Then there's a 66 yr old wood carver, who actually was the first person to open a shop on Artisan Alley 20 years ago, before it was an actual street of shops.
THEEEEN we have Nancy, a photographer and mother of triplets (Barry, Ron, and Fred- I names them after elder men I know lol). She runs a gallery for her photography.

  • > Abyssal Yoma Thank you a lot! I have two other posts with the rest of them hahaha (jk i wouldn't force anyone to look at that many sketches) but good feedback! The old guy was me practicing an ethnicity, so it was more realistic. Once I'm comfortable I'll simplify the main features and make it my style. I LOVE THOSE EYEBROWS HAHAHAHA, even tho no kid would have thick eyebrows like that, I love em! Lol but really, thank you for taking the time to comment on this! I really appreciate feedback, even on sketches! ^w^

  • Can't give much technical feedback, so I'll just rank the four sketches and give reasons as to why. My favorite is the 2nd one, mainly because of how darn silky smooth that hair looks. 2nd place is the 1st sketch, with the facial expressions and hoodies looking good. 3rd is Nancy and the kids, minus their eyebrows, because there isn't much to complain about other than that. Then 4th is the old guy, and I think it's really just because it feels like a completely different style to me, like it doesn't quite mesh with the others. Still all fairly solid work though.

Sketch Dump 3/3

Last one gets his own post... Cuz it's my favorite hahaha
First g-pen sketch of Shinji!

  • > Brojack WOAH I was helpful! I'm so happy!!!! Awesome! !!!! I hope that works out for you!

  • ...that is such a great idea. I might actually practice that at some point! I've been struggling to come up with ways to get better, but that's a solid suggestion!

  • > Brojack Hahahaha, thank you so much! That means a lot! I'm not as good as I wanna be, seriously! But here's the way I improve best; I go to kpop dance practice videos and pause the video and draw everyone on screen! (Okay, I do more than that but this is a big thing...) There's always a variety of motion, clothes, body types, and I usually have fun since I love the fashion. I would recommend something like that to everyone who can do it! I have a long way to go tho. I hate drawing shoulders hahaha

  • These sketches are really good! I'm pretty jealous of how well you draw anatomy and clothing!

Shinji Again

Okay, so here is Shinji, the second MC of Artisan Alley. And I changed the other guys name to Eli! Shine and Shinji are too similar hahaha
Enjoy! With screentone! Hahaha

  • > Brojack Thank you! I'm glad you said that- my family tells me not to rush it but it's different to hear that from someone who reads what I draw so it gave me renewed determination to take my time! I'm reeeeeally working on the writing behind this one. I always rush it so it has no depth, but I'm seriously determined to make this have substance and write it properly.

  • > 汀行村 Wow, looks like you're putting a serious amount of effort into this! Don't rush it, it'll only come out better in the end.

  • > Brojack Well, the storyboards are done but I'm working on my art more, since I'm not happy with the anatomy and I have very specific body types in mind. Once I'm happy with my art and comfortable with drawing them, I'll start the manuscript- which hopefully is by the end of the month! (I may get impatient and start early tho hahaha

  • > 汀行村 Sounds like some interesting character dynamics! Have you already started drawing the story?

Shine from Artisan Alley

Here's a very artsy picture of the "newcomer type protagonist" of my next oneshot. I posted an illustration version but those seem to get easily lost hahaha

White rainflower: Silence
Christmas Rose: Anxious to please
White Ivy Sprig: Anxiety

This symbolism is highly relevant hahahaha
(That's Shine as is Shining not die lol)

  • > Brojack> Brojack WAAAh I didn't reply quickly I'm sorry! I did try that trick! I found some really good names, actually, but what ended up calling to me was either Eli or Julian, and my friend said Eli was better fitting, so that's his name! Thank you for the tip tho, it ended up yielding some great options!

  • > 汀行村 Oh, okay! I'm sure they won't look too similar in the final one-shot, but I've only seen one image each so I wasn't sure. As for names... a cheap trick I sometimes use is to take something about that character, translate that word into a bunch of languages, and see if anything sounds cool, but sometimes you just end up with a bunch of crap. Worth a shot though!

  • > Brojack It's a different character, a much younger guy who's kind fo the main character, and Shinji is in the spotlight too but the emotional arc of the story will focus on this guy. Hahaha, but I'll have to maximize their differences in the oneshot so they don't look the same lol Btw if you know of any better names lemme know hahaha I hate this name

  • I like it! The flowers are well drawn and that's an interesting expression. Is this that 'Shinji' guy from your last post?

Time For A Change of Pace

I've decided, after much deliberation, that I'm going to take a break indefinitely from Volume Zero. It's not that it was going nowhere- on the contrary, I believe I could sustain a series with it and also believe I was on the right track in making it popular. My family said my recent storyboards were the best I've ever done, and I may draw them. Eventually.
But I started my first oneshot two years ago, and of all the sketches and paintings and storyboards I've done, less than a fifth of that has made it onto this website- and almost none of the ones I was most proud of. I thought, as opposed to drawing what came naturally to me, which is slice of life and emotional manga, Volume Zero would be popular. So I focused on that. But I haven't really enjoyed it for a long time.
I don't expect this to break any hearts or anything but I figured I'd explain why the series isn't continuing and I'm posting new stuff. I have four oneshots that I've storyboarded in the year since I've come up with Volume Zero, plus others that I didn't like as much or ideas that I discarded, and several other series ideas. Right now I'm going to draw some of those oneshots and increase my skill, and then hopefully start a series about a famous street of eclectic artisan shops in a city's shopping district, where I can focus on characters and drawing cool stuff and emotions, which is what I love. I'm excited for the new chapter in my artistic life, and I'm happy to put Volume Zero to rest for now, as since my first oneshot about a boy following his brother's dreams to the city, I have done nothing else.
Thank you all for your continued support of my work! I can't wait to see what you create, and I'm excited to join you in drawing something I can really pour my heart into!
Meet the two main characters of that manga, Isabelle and Shinji! (If anyone REAAAAALLY paid attention in my last oneshot, you'd notice "Star Boutique" in the background. Shinji was an Emanator's brother and he designed almost everything you saw Emanators wear, including Allion's suit. He was set up to be a big part of Volume Zero, but he's since been reassigned.)

  • > Brojack Thank you a lot for all your support and advice! Hahaha I've had people tell me for years my style is suited to slice of life so it'll be good to do a manga in my wheel house. I hope you enjoy my next one! I agree it's good to try new things! ^w^

  • Good to see you thinking about what you really want to get out of being an artist! Although I definitely also have interest in Volume Zero, I think it'd be great for your growth if you were to try different things, and I personally think your art style is very well-suited to a slice of life/drama series. Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! P.S. These character designs look really cool, and I can't wait to see these guys in action.

  • > 汀行村 Thanks fam, the good artists around keep me diligent and inspired

  • > MortalMangaka Thank you so much! ^w^ I'm so grateful you enjoyed it, and I hope that what I create next will be truly delightful! I guess I enjoy work I can't really do, as well, because I am very drawn to shonen and seinen haha I will definitely work hard! And good job for all your hard work, too! You release so many pages. Definitely one of the most dedicated people on this site!

Update! Page twenty!

Yeah I've been posting a lot the last week, i know. It's cuz I've been resting and i was sooo restless and antsy to start inking again lol

Back to drawing now that my arm's better! I finished page twenty's inking! Almost halfway done! I wish i had done an update when i finished page 17 cuz its one of my favorites, but here you are! Haha, have a condescending Hinata!

"Pffft! You..."
"...Don't know a lot about Wavetech, do you?"

  • > 汀雪村 Well I think your effort has paid off! I'm looking forward to seeing some finished pages!

  • > Brojack> Brojack> Brojack I'm spending more time drawing hair on every page than anything else, I swear. >.>' Thank you! I can't wait to scan it so the detail is crystal clear. I won't be updating for a while now, since I'm healed and back to drawing, so rejoice! The next time I post something it'll be of actual, readable substance! Hahaha

  • The hair looks really good!

Painting for contest

Im doing several pieces in different mediums, here's the first one! I'll scan it in properly later. Totally different feel from my manga i think.

  • > Brojack> Brojack Hahahaha omg that made me crack up for some reason! Well, that's alright. Haha, at least we know if we ever want to learn to do something, there's bound to be a way to do it! Istebrak seriously is the greatest art teacher on this planet, and I recommend her videos to anyone who thinks they suck at art. She's so scientific, the only way to not improve is to not do what she says. But, haha, you also didn't say you want to learn to paint lol But if you ever do! Hahaha I turned this into an Istebrak advertisement sorry

  • > 汀雪村 I have a couple of times in art class at school, but I'm not joking when I say I was totally crap at it!

  • > Brojack We cantt sell ourselves short! Have you ever tried painting or anything like that?

  • > 汀雪村 I guess those count too!


It finally happened- my arm is done with me so I have to take a break. It'll be three days of not drawing at all and then two weeks of drawing very little. Sorry for any delay in production time- I know I didn't give myself any timeline but I'm so excited about this oneshot that it makes me sad to delay it at all.
(Also I am updating so often just cuz I don't want to disappear, I think it's nice to include my friends/those interested in my process so they can anticipate the work!)

  • > Brojack Thank you so much! I will! ^w^

  • > 汀雪村 Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with your series!

  • > Brojack Yeah, they are! Thank you! I have the series plotted out already, and all the characters and world and emotional development written, so I am really excited to start the series! I'll do that on medibang whether I get excepted in the partner program or not. But I hope to see your works as well, whenever you're able to draw them!

  • > 汀雪村 Demo Demo Dynamo was actually pretty good! I guess slowly slowly, as the industry begins to form in other countries, people around the world will catch up to the skill levels of those in East Asia - but for now, they're still definitely on top! I think you should definitely give the partner program a shot! Since this next one-shot sounds like it's shaping up really well, it'd be great to see you get your own series!